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Why Study Religion?

We are often asked why it is important to study Religion. What does it all mean? We like the five reasons shared by a professor at Emory University:

  • It will blow your mind
  • It can be used to make the world a better place
  • It’s a social magnet: people love more than ever to talk about Religion
  • Knowledge is power
  • It will help you get a job and make lots of money (this may not be universally true)

In addition, studying Religion at Augsburg will inspire and equip you to be:

  • an informed citizen
  • a thoughtful steward
  • a critical thinker
  • a responsible leader

Our diverse student body and our location in the heart of a bustling urban neighborhood make Augsburg University an ideal setting for:

  • talking about life’s big questions
  • building inter-faith friendships
  • developing and deepening your own faith commitments