How To Apply


BSW Program Orientation

Social work majors who want to pursue a bachelor of science in social work degree must attend an orientation to the major. The sessions are held in the spring term of the sophomore year. Generally, there is a late summer session for transfer students who have applied and been accepted to the college over the summer. During the orientation session, applicants are given an overview of the program. At the end of the session, BSW Candidacy application packets are distributed.

The Candidacy Application

Before you apply to the BSW Program, there are several steps which need to be completed:

  • Application, advising, and admission to the college
  • Completion of 12-16 Augsburg credits (52-64 semester hours)
  • Approval of all social work related transfer credits by the Social Work Department
  • College-level algebra equvalency (Math Level 3 at Augsburg)
  • Attendance of the Junior Year Orientation Session
  • Completion of the BSW Candidacy Application Packet (includes liability insurance)
  • Completion of at least 4 of 7 of the Supporting Courses:
  • Mininum GPA of 2.2

Social Work Entry Level Courses (take 1 of these courses)

SWK 100 Introduction to Social Work

SWK 210 Environmental Justice and Social Change

SWK 230 Global Peace and Social Development

Social Work Foundation Courses (take these 4 of these courses)

BIO 121 Human Biology and Lab

PSY 105 Principles of Psychology

SOC 121 Introduction to Human Society

SWK 280 Diversity and Oppression in Professional Practice

Policy Course Menu (take 1 of these courses)

ECO 112 Principles of Macroeconomic

POL 121 American Government and Politics

POL 122 Metropolitan Complex

POL 325 Politics and Public Policy

Quantitative Foundation Requirement (take 1 of these courses)

SOC 362 Statistical Analysis

MAT 163 Introductory Statistics

Overview: The BSW Candidacy Application Process

The BSW candidacy application must be completed and returned before you start your field internship. Your application will be read by a faculty member. You will receive a decision by mail 6 weeks after the completed application is received. An interview with the BSW Program Director may be required as part of the admissions process.

The BSW Candidacy Application has three components:

The Candidacy Application Form

BSW Candidacy Reference Forms (2)

The Self-Statement Essay (4 pages)

BSW Candidacy Application Form: The application is distributed at the junior year orientation session to students on campus: Transferring students who satisfy the application criteria may have an application mailed out to them. Please contact the BSW Program Assistant Director at: if you need more information about filling out this application.

BSW Candidacy Reference Forms: The reference forms (2) are to be filled out by people with whom you have had work, academic, or professional contact and can say something about your aptitude for human services, academic skills, or your character. One reference should be academic. The other reference should be a professional recommendation; however, the referrer cannot be a family member or friend.

The Self-Statement Essay: You are asked to respond to three areas relating to your choice of and perspective on the social work profession. The self statement is an essay, 4 pages, typed and double-spaced, which describes your reasons for pursuing professional social work training. You will discuss your interests in, and views of, social work. The essay is also your opportunity to address your GPA, if necessary.

A.    Why do you want to study social work?

B.    Give your views on the purpose of the profession.

C.    Make a fair assessment of your own abilities, strengths, and limitations to work with people with attention to areas in need of development (personal and academic). Please use specific examples.

Application Deadlines

The deadline for completing the application is the spring term for students currently enrolled at Augsburg and will be juniors in the fall semester. The deadline for students transferring to Augsburg is 30 days after the prospective student receives the packet.

Applications for admission to the BSW Degree Program (upper-level junior classes) must be completed by August 1 each year.

Application Decision: Admissions to Program / Denial of Admission

Faculty of the social work department review applications. Decision letters are mailed to students 6 weeks after receipt of the completed application. Students who are accepted to the program are assigned the status of “Good Standing.” Good standing is an official status allowing the department to clear the student for graduation, licensure, and employment recommendations.

Below is a list of all of the Candidacy Statuses:

Satisfactory – student has met minimum requirements

Good standing – student meets all of the ethical and academic requirements

Candidacy on hold – student requests in writing to resume candidacy at a later date

Conditional acceptance – student standing is being monitored and reviewed by adviser and department. Students are automatically removed Conditional acceptance after one term.

Probation – student standing is being monitored and reviewed by adviser and department. Students must develop a plan with their social work adviser to be removed from probation.

Candidacy dismissal – student has failed to meet ethical and/or academic requirements. (Requires Level 3 review of student progress.)

Applicants with Felony Convictions

Prospective students with felony convictions may apply to the program, but there can be a possibility of difficulty in finding an internship or gaining liability coverage needed for agency work.