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How To Apply


BSW Program Orientation

Augsburg students who want to pursue a bachelor of science in social work degree must apply directly to the program.  Current students are encouraged to attend an information session in the fall or spring term of their sophomore year. Incoming transfer students should connect directly with the BSW Program Director and their admissions counselor to review next steps.   During information sessions, applicants are given an overview of the program and application process.

Admission Criteria

  • Admitted student at Augsburg University.
  • Completion of 52-64 semester hours
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Approval of all social work related transfer credits by the Social Work Department
  • College-level algebra equivalency, or plan formulated with advising to achieve it.
  • Completion of at least 4 of 7 of the Supporting Courses

Detailed degree requirements can be found here.

Overview of the application process

Application Materials:

Once you have submitted your application and materials, they will be reviewed by two faculty members. You will receive a decision by e-mail at least two days after the final review.  You will receive an official letter via post in 2-4 weeks if you are accepted. An interview with the BSW Program Director may be required as part of the admissions process.

Application Deadline

Current students: sophomores enrolled at Augsburg can apply at anytime. The application deadline is March 30.

Transfer students: for students transferring to Augsburg the deadline is 30 days after the student receives the link to the Google Form.

ALL Applications for admission to the BSW Program are required to be completed by August 1 of each year.

Applicants with Felony Convictions

Prospective students with felony convictions may apply to the program, but there can be a possibility of difficulty in finding an internship. Prospective students with felony convictions should consult with the BSW Program Director.


Associate Professor. BSW Program Director

Phone: 612-330-1289