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Student Leadership in CRC’s

Photo of Scott W. holding a Recovery Campus magazine.
Scott Washburn

-Blake Halvorson

Recovery Campus magazine has recently published an article from  StepUP program’s very own Assistant Director, Scott Washburn.  Scott communicated about the importance of leadership for any recovery based community.  He says, “At times, overseeing a collegiate recovery community is like trying to manage chaos.”

I have recently joined the leadership team here at StepUP and completely agree with his article and the statement about managing chaos.  Our leadership team at StepUP consists of eight students and trying to organize events and service work for eighty plus students is a challenging, yet fulfilling task.  Scott oversees the leadership team and helps keep the students focused.  Reading this article helped shed some light on how important it is to not just continue growing the current leaders but to also pass on the formulas and ideas of leadership to the newly emerging leaders.

Read a digital copy of Scott’s Article in Recovery Campus, pg. 40-42.