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Frequently asked questions

For people interested in joining our collegiate recovery program, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, call (612) 330-1405 or email

  1. When did the Augsburg University StepUP Program begin?
    StepUp began in September 1997 with 23 enrolled students.
  2. Why was the StepUP Program for collegiate recovery formed?
    At the time, there were a significant number of students in recovery who were enrolling at Augsburg University. Upon realizing that the university had no sober living college environment or formal support program for students in recovery, a proposal was created to start the StepUP Program for collegiate recovery. The President’s Council quickly approved the proposal and StepUP was formed.
  3. Has the Augsburg University StepUP Program been successful?
    StepUP is a model that works. Students enrolled in the StepUP college recovery program have a current mean cumulative GPA of 3.26 and a cumulative abstinence rate of 93%. The StepUP Program has been successful in supporting students in their academic studies and collegiate recovery.
  4. How many alumni are active in the StepUP community?
    There are approximately 300 StepUP alumni that remain in close contact with the StepUP Program with continued sobriety. More than 650 students have gone through the StepUP collegiate recovery program.
  5. How much does the Augsburg University StepUP Program cost?
    There are no additional costs for the StepUP Program collegiate recovery services. The only costs required are associated with the tuition, activity fees, and room and board costs required of all students of Augsburg University. Students enrolled in the StepUP Program are still eligible for the same need- and merit-based financial aid available to all students.
  6. Do StepUP college recovery members have to remain in the program and college housing until graduation?
    No, StepUP does not require students remain in the program until graduation. While many students indicate they do want to stay in the college recovery program until graduation, others have chosen to participate in the program for one or two years then live elsewhere as they finish their degrees.
  7. How do Augsburg’s administration, faculty, and staff support the StepUP Program?
    Experienced, caring, knowledgeable, and licensed counselors in addictions and mental health lead the StepUP collegiate recovery program. The President’s Leadership Team offers extensive support and counsel to the StepUP Program. Professors often comment on positive qualities that have manifested in students enrolled in StepUP, including honesty and an increase in the desire to learn. The Department of Residence Life and the StepUP Program collaborate to provide safe, comfortable sober dorms, as well as leadership opportunities for StepUP students. The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is home to many 12-step support meetings.