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Addiction Professionals

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Studies have shown that the longer those with Substance Use Disorders remain engaged in structured supportive environments the better the outcomes. Collegiate Recovery Programs such as StepUp view themselves as part of the “Continuum of Care” for those with SUD diagnosis. While we are not a clinical treatment facility, we bring clinical knowledge and experience when supporting students.

Who is best served by Augsburg University’s StepUP collegiate recovery program?

  • Individuals who are motivated to complete an undergraduate degree
  • Individuals who are working a peer-support program
  • Individuals who may want ongoing weekly counseling support for addiction recovery and mental health support

What makes Augsburg University’s StepUP collegiate recovery program distinctive?

  1. Recovery in residence
    The StepUP collegiate recovery program is more than a student organization on campus; it’s a lifestyle. Students have the opportunity to live together in their own, alcohol- and drug-free resident hall as a recovering community. This provides 24/7 peer support and stronger accountability, which helps foster recovery and academic success.
  2. Professional counseling services
    The StepUP collegiate recovery program has a counseling office that is staffed by licensed counselors trained in addiction counseling. They work exclusively with the StepUP community. Counselors assist students in their recovery and growth through evidence-based approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing techniques. Staff working in our collegiate recovery program will be available to help students network with local resources for mental health issues should there be an area of expertise needed that our staff do not have.
  3. Leadership development
    The StepUP collegiate recovery program community has its own student governance. The leadership team is comprised of senior respected peers enrolled in the program who work directly with staff to help improve the StepUP collegiate recovery program year after year.
  4. Academic support
    Augsburg University is a leader in providing specialized support services for students with learning challenges or disabilities. The Center for Learning and Accessible Student Services provides unparalleled support to students with learning challenges to help them achieve academic success.
  5. Unique community context
    The StepUP collegiate recovery program is well-positioned because of its location in Twin Cities, a city with a rich history of chemical dependency treatment and recovery resources. Students in the StepUP collegiate recovery program have ready access to a plethora of recovery support groups, meetings, and networks.