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2016 StepUP Gala

This past Saturday, over 500 students, staff, alumni, parents, and supporters gathered in Augsburg’s Si Melby Hall for the renowned StepUP Gala. We celebrated the StepUP program with an evening of inspiration, entertainment, and fellowship.


StepUP Gala 2016 at Augsburg College Saturday Oct. 29. (photo by Courtney Perry)

Barbara and Skip Gage and family were honored with the Toby Piper Labelle Award, a prestigious award given out each year to a person or family that continuously supports young people in recovery. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation received the inaugural Keystone Award for their 20 year partnership with the StepUP program. Senator Amy Klobuchar shared her experience and knowledge about the opioid epidemic in a special guest appearance.


The highlight of my night was the alumni speaker. StepUP graduate Peter H. did a great job of conveying how supportive and loving the spirit of our community is. He also showed the whole room an example of a great success story of a StepUP graduate. Peter’s story was inspirational and had many people in tears.


I also really enjoyed the alumni video about HOPE. A current student, Ricky T., did a tremendous job putting the video together. Seeing my friends and former students talk about their success stories gave me goosebumps. It is clear that StepUP has been a powerful experience for many.


If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend this year, take a moment to read some reflections on the event from staff and students:


“The Gala was absolutely beautiful. It was encouraging to see so many people there who were not a part of StepUP or even Augsburg College, but were there to show support, like Senator Amy Klobuchar. I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go again next year.” -Bridget D.


“My Mom was able to come for the first time in 3 years. It was brilliant to see her meet my favorite professors whom I have told her so much about.” -Dan M.


Alumni and current students joined Patrice S. on stage at the Gala.“The StepUP Gala is always an incredible experience. It reminds us of the reasons why the StepUP program is essential and benefits the world. Also, hearing from an alum (Peter H.) about the everlasting support the StepUP program gives feels very reassuring when I think of my own future.” -Blake H.


“I attended the StepUP Gala for the first time this year, and as a new counselor, I can say that it was a very powerful experience for me and my husband. It was great to meet so many students’ parents and family members, as well as StepUP alumni. The most moving moment, for me, was Peter H.’s speech. It was so powerful, inspiring, and courageous. There were many tears shed around me, including my own. The event was a fun experience and it was great to see so many supporters and advocates for the StepUP program.” -Thenedra R.


Listening to the speakers on Saturday night and witnessing the incredible support there is for StepUP made the Gala a powerful experience. It is easy to forget how lucky I am to be a part of this community. Even though today might seem like just another day of classes and homework, it’s also another opportunity to further realize that recovery and college life can coexist and feed off each other in truly beautiful ways.” -Chad B.


Many people put a lot of work into making the night successful beyond expectations. Thank you to everyone who came out the night of October 29th to support the StepUP program. See you next year!


-Connie K.