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What StepUP Students Are Saying:

“StepUP has changed me in so many ways. I’ve found my friends for life here, and the support from other students and staff is amazing. I love this place.” -April D.

“StepUP has given me the opportunity to grow and realize forgotten potential. It has shaped the person I’m becoming and empowered me to strive for success.” -Julian K.

“StepUP allows me to live out my dream of going to college without the fear of living in a normal dorm and having constant temptations in front of me. OGC and StepUP are completely unique, yet so necessary for college students in recovery.” -Collins N.

“Grateful for the one place in the whole world that can take the shape of my home away from home. The friends, staff and common goal of StepUP among the students who reside here make that possible.” -StepUP student