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Community Living

Welcome to your home away from home.

Oren Gateway Center Residence hall

All StepUP students live in Oren Gateway Center – a contemporary residence hall designated for students in recovery.

The residence hall is filled with other students in recovery, giving students the unique chance to not just meet people who understand their sobriety – but to live within that supportive community.

This is not your typical residence hall – students can enjoy skyline views and the welcoming common spaces simultaneously. Styled after urban lofts, Oren Gateway Center includes individual rooms, flats, and apartments to create a unique living space. There is no additional housing fee for Oren Gateway Center – it’s exactly what you would pay to live anywhere else on campus.

Click here for more information about the building and amenities.

Oren Gateway Center also contains:

  • A Barnes & Noble bookstore
  • Meeting rooms
  • Nabo café (freshly prepared food)
  • Spacious common areas
  • Study spaces
  • A rapidly rotating art gallery
  • A mediation room
  • The StepUP Program Office and Counselors

Worried about Minnesota winters?

Don’t be. Oren Gateway Center connects to classrooms, the library, and the cafeteria via skyways and tunnels – you never have to put on a jacket to get to class. Students with cars may also take advantage of our underground parking system.