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THE STEP UP GALA IS Saturday, October 29, 2016

Join us for an evening of inspiration, entertainment, and fellowship as we celebrate the StepUP Program at Augsburg College. We look forward to honoring the Barbara and Skip Gage and family for their longstanding commitment to education at Augsburg, and recognize the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation with the inaugural Keystone Award for institutional support.

5:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Si Melby Hall, Augsburg College

GALA co-Chairs: Gina Gage and Cindy Piper


Emcee: Emmy-Award-winning former WCCO news anchor Don Shelby            

Don Shelby, now retired from the daily practice of television journalism, wrote in his weekly post for, “I am an addictive personality. I have been addicted to tobacco, alcohol, getting engaged (five times).” Through journalism, he also became addicted to “learning things.” Shelby writes about a variety of topics, and he has a special interest in the environment and ecology. He is the author of The Season Never Ends, a book about basketball.

Hubbard speakingAlumni Speaker: Peter Hubbard ’10

Peter Hubbard grew up in Mountain View, California, and joined the StepUP program in the fall of 2006 at the age of 18. He graduated in 2010 with a BA in accounting. Peter has worked for Ernst & Young in San Jose, California, and at Best Buy corporate headquarters in Minneapolis. During his time in StepUP, Peter served as a resident advisor and a member of the StepUP leadership team and review board. He also served on the Augsburg Student Senate, was nominated for the Augsburg Leadership Award, and was given the high honor of becoming StepUP’s “trusted servant.”

Peter was able to represent StepUP publicly several times, including in Washington D.C. While attending Augsburg, Peter studied abroad during summers, traveling to Greece, Turkey, Thailand, and Egypt.

He feels strongly that StepUP and Augsburg have made possible what he once thought was impossible: “Attending Augsburg and joining the StepUP program is without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. Without the StepUP program, I would not be here today and would not be 10 years sober.”

Peter continues to be an inspiration to young people in recovery and is currently spearheading a program that connects StepUP alumni with current students in StepUP. This program gives students the opportunity to learn about what life is like after StepUP, network with alumni, and have their questions answered by those who have been in their shoes.

Peter and his wife, Annie ’10, reside in Minneapolis and have been married for five years. During that time they have faced (and overcome) some significant medical challenges. Thanks to a strong sense of hope and the support of friends, family, and especially the StepUP family, they have persevered.

Toby Piper LaBelle AWARD: Barbara and Skip Gage and Family

Keystone Award: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation