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StepUP at a Glance

  • A 20-year-old program built on evidence-based and proven techniques, with highly-successful outcomes.
  • Staffed by experienced, caring, knowledgeable, and licensed counselors.
  • Students who are excited about making a difference through service, and are offered the chance for leadership opportunities within the program, on campus, and in the greater Twin Cities community.
  • StepUP serves more than 100 students annually (more than 650 since its inception) and is the largest residential collegiate recovery program in the country.
  • StepUP students’ average GPA is 3.20 (of 4.0).
  • StepUP abstinence rate has averaged 93%.
  • There is no additional cost for students to participate in the StepUP Program.
  • The Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area is a high-density location for 12-step support meetings.

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If you have questions about our program, feel free to contact us directly at (612) 330-1405 or at