Student Leadership Development

Growing in Leadershipleadership

Success in our program is about more than maintaining sobriety – creating an environment for students to grow and learn in is essential. Students are offered invaluable opportunities to grow their leadership potential with leadership coaching and mentoring, along with public speaking engagements. Practical skill building is developed through hands-on experience in volunteer work, internships, mentoring opportunities, and service in the local recovery community and beyond.



awardsSkills through Service

The StepUP Program¬†encourages every student to give back to the local and recovery¬†communities as often as possible. Students are presented with multiple service options at the start of every week, many of which are speaking opportunities – developing students’ public speaking, time management, and social awareness. StepUP partners with a variety of schools to provide powerful narratives that highlight the hope and pathways to recovery. These engagements help our students share their own stories, dispel myths and stigmas, and become comfortable in their sobriety. We view every engagement as a learning opportunity for both students and audience members alike.




Leadership Guidebook – A Road Map for Recovery School Leadership

This guidebook is a resource for professionals working with recovery school communities as well as emerging student leaders who want to help their recovery school community grow and thrive through leadership development.

Click here to view the Leadership Guidebook.


Our awesome Leadership Team!
Our awesome Leadership Team!