Weekend/Evening College for Adult Undergraduates

Commit to completing your degree

If you’re a Weekend and Evening College (WEC) student, please visit the Current WEC Students website, which includes current news, information, and student resources. While we are transitioning from the WEC program to the redesigned Adult Undergraduate program, we will continue to offer weekend classes for eight semesters during the transition period. You can read more about the transition process on the Current WEC Students website.

If you are interested in information about Augsburg’s bachelor’s degree program for working adults, we have a new path to degree completion.

We are rolling out a flexible bachelor’s degree program for working professionals—like you—beginning Fall 2014. This program offers the flexibility you need, and will be delivered in a hybrid-learning format, combining the benefits of face-to-face classroom instruction with the convenience of online learning.

For more information about the program visit Bachelor’s Degrees for Professionals.

Or get started now!

Call 612-330-1001 or email transfer@augsburg.edu to set up your personalized planning session to find out what you need to complete your degree. After reviewing your previous coursework, we’ll be able to provide an evaluation of how many credits you need to finish and which courses you can take to finish your degree.