Augsburg College Partnership Grant

Augsburg weekend or week night undergraduate and graduate programs have been created for working adults with busy lifestyles. Whether you are starting an undergraduate degree, finishing one, entering a graduate program, or interested in a graduate certificate, you will find a variety of interesting topics at Augsburg:

Undergraduate degrees in 18 majors

Master of Business Administration

Master of Arts in Leadership

Master of Arts in Nursing

Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Master of Arts in Education

Master of Social Work

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Master of Fine Arts in Music Therapy

The Augsburg Partnership Grant Program does not apply to the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.

The Augsburg Partnership Grant applies to new enrolling students only and allows employees of partner institutions to receive a tuition discount of $46 or $80 per credit.  (No max.) Application fee of $25 is also waived.


The process is simple

The Augsburg Partnership Grant form is filled out and turned in to the enrollment center by the payment due date of your first term and then required only once each academic year. A current pay stub is required to verify employment at the start of your studies and once a year thereafter. The Augsburg Partnership Grant Form can be found here.

The Augsburg Partnership Grant also applies to Chamber Leadership Scholars who have completed a leadership program at one of our partner Chambers of Commerce. Chamber Leadership Scholars should provide their Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program Certificate to verify eligibility.

The partnership program also includes a sharing of educational resources between institutions. We are hopeful that we can be of assistance to our partners with any unique needs that arise. Augsburg College has a talented faculty who are requested for speaking engagements, workshops, research, project collaboration and advice on a variety of issues. Likewise, the college is always interested in guest speakers for campus events and in developing ties to the community.

Come and explore your passions and hone your talents! Welcome to Augsburg!