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Logo, Seal, Spirit Mark

updated logo, restored seal, revised spirit mark

As part of the work of transitioning from “Augsburg College” to “Augsburg University,” staff worked with professional designers—some of them, Augsburg alumni—to create an Augsburg University logo and a restored seal.

Watch the Augsburg University Logo video with Audio Description

Augsburg University Logo

The Augsburg University logo was designed by Samuel Gross ’03, who also designed the Auggie Eagle Spirit Mark (see below). The objectives for the logo design were to convey Augsburg’s academic strength, honor our Lutheran faith tradition, and express Augsburg’s diversity and impact.

It was important for the new university logo to feel similar to the Augsburg College logo—in order to preserve and build upon the positive associations people already have about Augsburg. The result is a logo that is both established and dynamic, one that represents Augsburg’s long academic tradition and its relevance now and into the future.

Augsburg University Seal

The Augsburg seal is based on a design by Paul L. Konsterlie ’50 that was created to celebrate Augsburg’s centennial in 1969. In addition to incorporating the name “Augsburg University” into the seal, staff designers Denielle Johnson ’11 and Mark Chamberlain restored key elements of the original seal, including symbols of a lion that reflects our Norwegian heritage, an eagle representing the United States, the Minneapolis skyline, and the lamp of knowledge. As with the central graphic elements, the motto “Through Truth to Freedom” was retained.

Auggie Eagle Spirit Mark

The name change presented an opportunity to refine and enhance the Auggie Eagle spirit mark because many physical elements that contain both the eagle head spirit mark and the name will need to be replaced.

The spirit mark was created by Augsburg alumnus Samuel Gross ’03 when he was a student. Today, Gross owns a design firm that has created logos and brand identities for numerous colleges and universities, sports teams, and corporate clients. We are honored that Gross has brought that expertise to bear in enhancing and strengthening the Auggie Eagle spirit mark.