Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations serves as a one-stop access point for organizations interested in partnering with Augsburg College.

Corporations and Foundations

Augsburg assists corporations with employee recruitment, pro bono business research projects, corporate volunteerism, event sponsorships and charitable giving. Each year gifts and sponsorships from national and local corporations and foundations support academic programs, scholarships, arts events, community collaborations and faculty research. To invite a proposal, inquire about sponsorship opportunities, or make a grant, contact us at or 612-330-1170. More complete information on each of these areas can be found on our How We Work With You page.

Governmental Agencies and Elected Officials

Augsburg College strives to educate our students to become informed citizens and we welcome opportunities to host events and press conferences on campus.

Government Granters

If you need information about pending or active local, state, of federal grants made to Augsburg College, please contact Erica Swift, director of sponsored programs, at or 612.330.1184.