Urban Environmental Stewardship at Augsburg

“The Augsburg College community is deeply committed to what it means to build a sustainable urban environment. We are uniquely situated in a city neighborhood and are privileged to have a variety of opportunities to explore the interconnectedness of urban life with both human and natural forces. Our relationships with our diverse neighbors, with the Mississippi River, and with other neighborhoods in our vibrant city are opportunities for learning, for civic engagement, and for faithful service. We are proud of what we do to honor sustainability, but also deeply aware of the need for ongoing vigilance and wise stewardship of the gifts of our environment.”

–President Paul C. Pribbenow

How We Work

As a Lutheran college in and of the city, Augsburg imagines environmental stewardship as central to its mission. Featured in our curriculum and grounded in our daily practices, attention to ecological concerns shapes much of our work, both on campus and off.

A longstanding commitment to service and immersion experiences alongside more traditional forms of teaching and learning means we pay close attention to our surroundings, whether they be in the neighborhood or on the other side of the world. Because humanity continues to struggle with the difficult work of living sustainable lives in a finite environment, even our efforts to shape vocations in the world draw on the insights of green thinkers and doers.

In fact, the motto of Augsburg College – “education for service” – depends on careful environmental stewardship and thoughtful ecological engagement. Take a look around our “green” website and get a sense for what we’re up to. We think you’ll find plenty to engage you in the good work of stewardship for the good of all.

Members of Michael Lansing’s course in Environmental History (Fall 2006) have compiled an environmental history of Augsburg College. To download the document in PDF form, click here.

Auggies Go Green

View the Climate Action Plan (PDF) submitted by the Green by 2019 Task Force

Check out the Spring 2009 edition of Augsburg NOW, focusing on environemntal issues on campus and around the world.

Review Augsburg’s Green House Gas Inventory on the website for the American College & University President’s Climate Commitment.