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Bottled Water Policy

In May 2017, The University Council and President Pribbenow approved the following Bottled Water Policy:

Augsburg will use already available local tap water and eliminate the sale, reimbursement, and provision of bottled water on campus. This policy aims to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions and supports the provision of water as a human right and not a commodity. (Full Policy with Proposed Timeline)

What does this mean?

Augsburg is launching a #LoveLocalWater initiative, joining other colleges and universities who are committed to reducing or eliminating bottled water through efforts like Take Back the Tap.  The Environmental Stewardship Committee looks forward to working with students, staff, and faculty to determine how to best implement this policy across campus over the coming years.

We recognize that both infrastructural and cultural changes are crucial for this policy to be successful in making local water widely available around campus. Water fountains are being systematically replaced and installed as needed, and students are working on education, behavior change, and signage.

Stay tuned for more information on what’s happening! To get involved or share your ideas, email us at

In the meantime, learn more about the water coming through our pipes and see how the City of Minneapolis is promoting tap water across town!

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For students:

  • Need a reusable water bottle? Pick one up for free at the Campus Cupboard! Thanks for Environmental Action Committee for sponsoring the Water Bottle Share program.

For campus visitors:

  • Instead of providing bottled water to visitors coming to campus, we encourage departments to use language like this to alert visitors to our policy: Augsburg University is phasing out bottled water on campus in order to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions and support the provision of water as a human right and not a commodity. While on campus, you will have access to clean Minneapolis tap water. If you are not able to bring your own water bottle to campus, please let us know if we can provide you with a glass/cup to use and return or with a reusable water bottle to use and keep. We appreciate your support as we #LoveLocalWater together!
  • If you provide hot water to visitors through a Culligan dispenser, consider purchasing an electric tea kettle for your office space in order to get ready for the eventual phase-out of Culligan.

For events:

  • Order water by the gallon through Augsburg’s catering service.
  • Purchase water pitchers and reusable/compostable cups for your department (if sink access for washing is an issue, contact us for ideas).


  • The Environmental Action Committee (Student Government) may be able to help with purchasing supplies that will directly benefit students as we move away from bottled water. Apply for a grant!