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Optional Courses of Study

  • Extended Study. Designed for students who wish to prolong their studies in a single genre, this option has students completing at least five mentored and reading terms instead of the standard four. At least four of these terms should be used to study the student’s declared genre.
  • Mixed Genre. Designed for students who want to more deeply immerse themselves in a secondary genre, this option has students  completing at least five mentored and reading terms, including three in the student’s primary declared genre and two in a different genre.
  • Post-MFA. Designed for students who already have an MFA, this option allows students to drop into the program for a single residency or semester of study — or longer. Students seeking this option should contact the program director, as his approval is required.
  • Undergraduate Masterclass. Designed for undergraduate students of exceptional talent, this option allows students who do not yet have a Bachelor’s degree to enroll in a single summer residency, including a creative writing workshop. Students pursuing this option who later enroll in the MFA program will be able to substitute the masterclass for one of their three required summer residencies. Program director approval is required.
  • Career Concentration. Designed for students who wish to better prepare themselves for the job market, this option allows students to enroll in electives in teaching, translation and/or publishing. This work is completed alongside a traditional or extended/mixed genre course of study, or pursued immediately after completing it.