Application Process

Current funding for the AugSTEM Scholars Program expires April 30, 2016, and we are waiting to hear the decision regarding our renewal proposal. We currently have guaranteed funding for 2 STEM Transfer Provost Scholarships. Interested students should follow the directions below to apply.


Students interested in applying for AugSTEM should read the 2016 AugSTEM Application Information Packet carefully before beginning.  Students considering this scholarship should begin the application process weeks in advance to ensure high-quality writing and to give faculty adequate time to write recommendations.

Application Process

1. Contact to indicate that you plan to apply.

2. Request recommendation letters from faculty at least two weeks prior to the deadline; email the 2016 AugSTEM Faculty Reference Form to faculty who agree to write a recommendation or have them download it from this site.  Faculty letter-writers must email their forms and recommendation letters to by March 15.

3.  Complete the 2016 AugSTEM Application Form, essay, resume, STEM graduation plan, and SAR financial need form (see information packet for detailed directions for each of these application elements) and email to by March 15.

STEM Transfer Provost Scholarships

Each spring semester, scholarships (Bio, Chem, CSC, Math and Physics) will be reserved for community college students who are planning to attend Augsburg the following academic year.  Students will need to complete the AugSTEM application, but the awards can be given out well before the application deadline.  If you are a community college student who is interested in majoring in one of the above fields at Augsburg, please contact as soon as possible to be considered for 2016-2017.
  • $10,000 per year for up to five semesters.
  • Awarded after review of application and recommendation by Augsburg’s academic departments and AugSTEM Selection Committee.


Rebekah Dupont, PhD

Director, STEM Programs (PI)

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Augsburg College

Science 154

(612) 330-1042