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AugSem Leader Team


The application will be available in fall 2022.


AugSem Leaders are responsible for supporting first-year students and faculty members in Augsburg Seminar classes. AugSem Leaders work as a team to ensure first-year students are supported in their academic success during their first semester at Augsburg University.

TEAM opportunities

Members of the AugSem Leader Team will:

  • Learn to work in a changing environment, demonstrate flexibility and problem solving skills
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and professionalism through work with new first-year and transfer students
  • Be accountable for completion of several job assignments
  • Gain knowledge in setting and meeting personal and professional goals
  • Work independently and in a team to make progress towards set goals
  • Demonstrate personal strengths and develop weaknesses to enhance self confidence and promote confidence in others
  • Gain skills in areas such as leadership, facilitation, presentation delivery, as well as conflict resolution
  • Train on topics such as cultural difference, racism and other forms of oppression, white privilege, the LGBTQIA community, persons with disabilities, and other areas of human difference