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Emerging Leaders Program

How To Apply

Click here to apply for Fall 2019.

About the Program

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is designed to empower first-year students to develop and apply their leadership skills in order to connect, to engage, and to invest in the Augsburg and greater community.

Program Objectives

ELP aims to help students:

  • Gain a more holistic understanding of leadership.
  • Further develop and gain a better sense of personal leadership styles.
  • Realize strengths and ways to utilize them more effectively.
  • Reflect on personal conflict style and learn how to engage with other types of conflict styles more effectively.
  • Gain a better understanding around privilege and power.
  • Further understand the power that language and communication have within personal interactions and group dynamics.
  • Begin to explore their personal values and ethics in relation to holding leadership positions and to making responsible decisions.
  • Find opportunities to lead at Augsburg University and in the Twin Cities community.