Jeanne M Boeh


CB 315


The question “Why are some countries rich and some countries poor?” led Jeanne Boeh into the field of economics. Now that she is in, she asks, “How do I make the world a better place with economics?” Boeh has been teaching at Augsburg University since 1990. She is currently a member of the Minneapolis Star Tribune Board of Economics and can be seen regularly quoted in the business section. Boeh has also been interviewed by local and national media on the subject of economics and serves as an expert on Augsburg’s Media Response List and Speakers Bureau. She has worked as an economist for the American Hospital Association, the Illinois Hospital Association and the investment research firm of Duff and Phelps.

Her research and teaching interests are applied microeconomics focusing on the fields of urban and health economics. Boeh has taught at Loyola University and the University of Illinois in Chicago, and the University of St. Thomas.


  • B.A. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • M.A. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago