Eric L Buffalohead

Assoc Prof & Chr of Am Indian, 1st Nations, & Indigenous Studies

CB 115

“My teaching philosophy and course goals are to provide my students with a body of knowledge that will stimulate them to question prior knowledge, incorporate new knowledge, and make more intelligent and respectful decisions about their vocation and stewardship in a diverse world.”

Since coming to Augsburg in 1999, Eric has made significant progress in achieving these goals. He challenges his students to think outside the paradigms of their own experiences and empathize with those whose experiences have been different.

“As I challenge my students, I also provide a supportive atmosphere in which they can explore their own attitudes, values, and understanding. I insist in all my classes that every point of view will be respected.” Eric said he moved around a lot as a child, which “opened his eyes to different kinds of people.” He has always been interested in issues of community and how they are formed.

Eric has had the opportunity to teach “American Indian in the Cinema” to a unique group of learners. This course, which was co-sponsored by the Native American Educational Services College and the Osseo Area Schools’ Indian Education Program, was offered to 20 American Indian grandparents, parents, and high school students. “I had never taught a course before that was so intergenerational. My challenge was to get the generations to work together and learn the unique insights each generation had to offer.”

Eric is currently the chair of the American Indian, First Nations, and Indigenous Studies department at Augsburg.


  • PhD. University of Minnesota
  • B.A. University of Minnesota
  • M.A. University of Minnesota