Moumita Dasgupta

Assistant Professor

CB 46

Moumita Dasgupta joined the Department of Physics as an Assistant Professor Fall 2019. Prior to this appointment, she was a Lecturer in the Department of Physics at Smith College and a teaching fellow at Amherst College. She specializes in soft matter and biophysics.

She is inclined towards studying bio-inspired soft matter systems to understand underlying physical principles, which often lie at the intersection of fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, and materials. She studies physics behind the swimming of microorganisms, systems like bending of elastic objects in viscous or viscoelastic environments, and the folding mechanisms and pathways of single DNA molecules and DNA nanostructures.

Moumita is also involved in projects which use an analytical and problem solving approach to conduct data-driven research geared towards solving civic challenges at the intersection of public health and development.

She is passionate about undergraduate teaching and adapts a combination of traditional pedagogical styles and more modern active learning, project-based learning, and design thinking methodologies. She cares about creating an inclusive learning environment in the classroom, where individuals with diversity of socio-economic background, outlook and culture feel equally welcome to participate and contribute.