Kaija R Freborg

Assistant Professor, Director of BSN Program, Minneapolis

Science 116
CB 118

Kaija Freborg is the Director of the BSN program and assistant professor who has been teaching in Augsburg University’s undergraduate and the graduate nursing programs since 2011. Her focus in teaching includes topics such as health disparities and social justice issues. Currently her research interests in whiteness studies have encouraged her to engage as an advocate and activist in new ways across different care settings.

Inspired by her DNP work, Understanding Indigenous Knowledge in the Western Research Process through Community Partnership, Dr. Freborg enjoys teaching students the complexity of knowledge paradigms and theory and how this affects healthcare including nursing practice. Fueled by experiences in other countries around the world and her passion in transcultural nursing care, Kaija has utilized these learnings in her scholarship.

Kaija has worked at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics in the acute care setting for over 15 years. Accumulating a number of years both in pediatrics and neonatal care, she has a passion in broadening student’s perspectives in caring for patients beyond an individual lens by utilizing her care experiences with infants, children, and/or families to teach students about collective healing and membership.  Through concepts of holistic health, students learn how interdependency affects community and family health.


  • B.S.N., University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI
  • M.A. with emphasis in Transcultural Nursing, Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN
  • D.N.P. in Transcultural Leadership, Augsburg University, Minneapolis, MN

Current Research Interests

  • Western & Indigenous knowledge and lifeways
  • Whiteness studies
  • Health and social justice
  • Transcultural nursing care and understanding

Areas of Teaching Responsibilities

  • Care of marginalized families and communities
  • Complexity Science in health
  • Curriculum and program development and implementation