Keith F. Gilsdorf

Professor of Economics

CB 70

“If you want to learn about how economics can contribute to improving societal conditions, Augsburg is a great place to learn.” Keith Gilsdorf brings a wide range of experience to his teachings at Augsburg University. Before coming to the University, among other things, he worked for the Department of Energy and the Department of Public Service.

Keith said there is an enthusiastic, committed group of faculty that sincerely wants the students to succeed. “I am very excited about our commitment to offer the strongest curriculum possible, including opportunities to conduct empirical analysis on current social issues and problems that our community faces.”

Keith creates a classroom environment that provides students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the material, including frequent group work. “I seek to assure my students that I sincerely care about their performance and ability to succeed.”


  • B.A. Moorhead State University
  • M.A. North Dakota State University
  • Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln