Marc D Isaacson

Assistant Professor

CB 315

Marc Isaacson came to Augsburg in 1998 with a strong liberal arts background. He has a strong interest in the statistical side of business administration. Prior to joining Augsburg, he worked at Innovex Inc. in Maple Plain in various quality/engineering roles, including the launch of Flex Suspension Assemblies into high volume manufacturing. In this role, he traveled to Asia extensively and was involved in global engineering, development and customer service issues.

His interests include quantitative problem solving, quality engineering and entrepreneurship. Isaacson is also helping to advise the Augsburg Business Club.


Midwest Economic Association, March 1994, Chicago, IL.

Presented the paper: An Algorithm for Imputing Religion Based on a Respondent’s Ancestry.

Eastern Economic Association, March 1993, Washington D.C.

Presented the paper: An Econometric Analysis of the Demand for Private Schools.

American Economic Association, January 1993, Anaheim, CA.

Presented the paper: Social Security and Women: The Effects of Labor Market and Demographic Trends on The Retirement Decision And Benefit Equity.

Newspaper Op-Ed Pieces

“In Minnesota, Vouchers Still Unconstitutional,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, July 20, 2002, page A-19.

“Minnesota, Land of Nonprofit HMOs,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, May 4, 2001, page A-18.


  • B.A. St. Olaf College
  • M.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute