Terrance Kwame-Ross

Associate Professor

CB 312

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Dr. Terrance Kwame-Ross is an Associate Professor in the Education Department, Augsburg University. Terrance also holds a Visiting Faculty-Lecturer appointment, in the School of Social Work, Youth Development Leadership (YDL) Graduate Program, University of Minnesota.

Dr. Kwame-Ross’ scholarship, service, and teaching practice focuses on how individuals and human groups grow, develop and change, overtime. His focus cuts through academic and everyday life disciplines, and attempts to bring all bodies of knowledge together–Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Phenomenology, History, Religion/Theology, Political Science, Economics, Literature, and Philosophy–and ground in everyday life. Here, Dr. Kwame-Ross brings an interrogative, interdisciplinary, integrative and intersectional pedagogical approach to teaching and learning across school, society, family and church for whole-beingness.

Terrance has:

  • Taught at the elementary and middle-level grades in public schools, 
  • Co-founded and served as Principal and Instructional Leader, of New City School, a K-8 literacy and arts-infused academic and social-emotional integrated, Public Charter School, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota; 
  • Created community-base after-school programs for young people for creative self-expression; 
  • Served as a curriculum developer, trainer, and consultant to many formal and non-formal organizations locally and nationally; 
  • Worked in residential treatment programs and camping settings directing and facilitating multicultural programs for the Wilder Foundation, St. Paul, Mn. 
  • Consulted local, state and national School Districts around policy, practice, and educational research; 
  • Worked as the Executive Director of The Origins Program, a nationally recognized non-for-profit equity training center for teachers.

In addition, Dr. Kwame-Ross also served as Clinical Supervisor for My Home Inc., a community-based African-American Transition Institute in St. Paul, MN, where he supervised and led men’s parenting, anger, and domestic abuse programs and groups for 18 years for Black and Brown males and their families.


EED 370 K-6 Methods: Social Studies/Thematics, Augsburg University   

EDC 200/522 Orientation to Education in an Educational Setting, Augsburg University 

EDC 490/ EDC 580 School and Society, Augsburg University 

EDC 310/EDC 533 Learning and Development in an Educational Setting (Ed Psych), Augsburg University 

Clinical Supervision: The Teacher Candidate Experience-Student Teaching, Augsburg University 

YOST 5954 Experiential Learning: Pedagogy for Community and Classrooms, University of Minnesota     


  • Kwame-Ross, T. (2021), “The Black Male Portraiture Study”, A Mix-method Design: The Power and Picture of Black Male Learning in Hostile Learning Environments in the United States of America 
  • Margaret J. Finders & Terrance Kwame-Ross (2020) “You’re Just Being Oversensitive”: White Talk Moves in Higher Education, Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 52:5, 25-28, DOI:  10.1080/00091383.2020.1807879
  • Kwame-Ross, T. (2020). Specially Educated in the United States: The Education of African  Americans from 1619 to 2019–400 Years of Tug-of-War for Freedom. MLK Day Action Revisited, Augsburg University, January 20, 2020, Minneapolis, Mn. (Seminar/Workshop Available to Public)
  • Kwame-Ross, T. (February 15, 2019). Empathy in Education. Podcast. Augsburg University. Retrieve from: https://blubrry.com/augsburgpodcast/41848023/terrance-kwame-ross-empathy-in-education
  • Kwame-Ross, T. (October, 2018).  Does being an African-American effect how engaged scholarship is formed, accomplished, and assessed? 19 Annual Conference of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium, September 30-October 3, 2018, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Kwame-Ross, T. (2018). School meeting structures as forms of civic engagement  and school evaluation. In VeLure Roholt, R. & Baizerman, M. (Eds.).  Evaluating civic youth work: Illustrative designs and methodologies for complex youth program evaluations.  Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
  • Kwame-Ross, T. (2017). The particular and complex: The black male youth in the social context of development. In Domínguez, N., Berkeley, B., Barka, N., Chrisman, T., Kelley, B., & Westfall, E. (Eds.). (2017). 10th annual mentoring conference proceedings (10th ed.): A Decade of Cultivating an Inclusive Mentoring Community [Special Issue 10]. The Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching, 2(10). Pp.555-562.


  • Critical Social Theory 
  • Socio-cultural/socio-historical Theory and Analysis
  • Bioecological Theory
  • Human Learning and Cognitive Development Theory 
  • Black Political Theory


  • BAE, Elementary Education, National-Louis University
  • M Ed., Youth Development Leadership, University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D., Work, Community, and Family Education, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities focusing on Specialized Learning (Adult and Youth Development Learning Theory, over the life-course)
  • Illinois State Teacher Certificate (Kindergarten-9th grade), 5th-9th grade, Language Arts and Social Science endorsements:  State Licensure Record: 468806/75397
  • Minnesota State Teacher’s Licensure: Kindergarten-6; Adult Basic Skills Certificate, Adult Education Endorsement; PRE K-ADUL, Short Call Sub, MN: State Licensure Record: 354542