Lynn E Lindow

Professor Emerita

CB 312

“I am very interested in developing a student-centered environment where students take an active part in their learning. I like to build off of their individual experiences and make connections from what we experience in our classroom to what they see in the schools.”

Lynn tries to stay in constant contact with her students. “I think it’s important to have one on one communication with students and advisees.”

What sets Augsburg apart from other programs is its strong emphasis on service learning and teaching in an urban setting. “We are also a fairly small program when compared to other colleges in the state. This allows us to get to know our students on a personal level and guide them successfully through the program.”


  • B.S. Mankato State University
  • M.S. North Dakota State University
  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Current Research Interests

  • Conceptual Change
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Brain Research
  • Cognitive Development