David Myers

Music Department Chair

CB 311

David Myers serves as an administrative consultant to Augsburg’s music department for strategic planning and initiatives in curriculum and operations. He is Professor of Music Education and Creative Studies at the University of Minnesota, where he was director of the School of Music from 2008 until 2014. His background includes both music therapy and public school music teaching, and he is an accomplished organist. He has taught at the University of Sydney (AUS), UW-Madison, and Georgia State University, where he founded the Center for Educational Partnerships in Music. He has been a National Endowment for the Arts panelist, an international consultant to the European Master’s degree for New Audiences and Innovative Practice, and a frequent keynote speaker and writer on lifespan learning and progressive curricular change in higher music education. He currently serves on five arts boards in the Twin Cities and is an author, with Patricia Shehan Campbell (University of Washington) and Ed Sarath (University of Michigan) of Redefining Music Studies in an Age of Change: Creativity, Diversity and Integration (Routledge Press).