Jody Sorensen

Professor of Mathematics

CB 93

About Me

I’m a “first generation” college student who wasn’t sure what to major in when I got to college, so I probably have a lot in common with them.

I teach a wide variety of mathematics courses serving all of Augsburg’s students.  I have taught basic skills and general education courses, introductory courses like calculus, and upper level courses for our majors.  I’ve also taught courses for our education majors, and for the honors program.  I enjoy the excitement and creativity generated by teaching a wide variety of courses.

Here are some memorable experiences: creating Escher tesellations with my Honors students (see my office door for examples), watching my Analysis students debate the strengths of weaknesses of a classmate’s proof, teaching my linear algebra students a new way to encrypt secret messages, playing with ancient numeration systems with History of Math students, and watching calculus students learn that there’s more to math than just the right answer in a box on the bottom of the page.

Mathematics is a great major, either on its own or in combination with just abut anything else.  Our majors gain experience in problem solving and in communicating difficult, precise concepts. Both of these skills are highly valued by potential employers. I have told students that getting a math major is like having “I’m smart” stamped on your forehead!

Most of my research in the area of dynamical systems involves students. We study something called bifurcation diagrams, which visualize the behavior of a certain type of mathematical system. Some of my work with students has led to talks, posters, and published papers by myself and the undergraduate students.


  • B.A., St. Olaf College
  • M.S., Northwestern University
  • Ph.D., Northwestern University


  • Polya Award from the MAA for the best paper in the College Mathematics Journal, 2000
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Pi Mu Epsilon