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Research & Internship Opportunities

Arwen Hotchkiss '09
Medieval Studies major Arwen Hotchkiss ’09, with some of the hand-carved rebecs she made during an internship with Unprofitable Instruments, makers of replica medieval musical gear. Arwen later went on to study violin repair.

Augsburg medievalists have many opportunities to pursue medieval studies beyond the classroom.

URGO: Every summer, Augsburg’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Graduate Opportunities (URGO) sponsors student research directly with faculty. This gives students 10 fully-funded weeks of time to pursue their own historical interests, or to work with a faculty member on one of their projects. Andrew Fox and Aidan Nancarrow both contributed research to Professor Phil Adamo’s textbook on the medieval church. Molly Miller ’11 constructed leather masks as part of her URGO research into the Commedia dell’arte theatre style.

Other internship possibilities: Augsburg medievalists have done internships with the replica sword makers at Minneapolis-based Arms and Armor. We also have connections with the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library at St. John’s University, and the world-renowned medieval vocal group The Rose Ensemble. There are many more research and internship opportunities, both locally and nationwide. We can help you find the placement that’s right for you.