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What is Networking?

  • Involves connecting with people who work in a field you are wanting to learn more about or break into
  • Is the most effective way to learn about job positions and obtain job positions
  • Does NOT involve asking for a job
  • It is all about building relationships

 How do you Network?

  • Talk to everyone about your job search or career path
  • Request informational interviews
  • Use social media to find connections – We suggest creating a LinkedIn profile to seek out individuals you are connected to who are in positions or companies you are interested in exploring
  • Attend events or conferences that give you an opportunity to mingle and meet new people in your industry area of interest – check our our events page in Handshake to find and register for upcoming opportunities to network

 Who do you Network with?

  • Friends and family
  • Augsburg faculty and staff
  • Work contacts
  • Internship connections
  • Professional associations
  • LinkedIn connections

Networking Video

Visit the Candid Careers website to watch more videos!