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Urban Plunge Program Kick-Off a Success!

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.06.59 PMThis last weekend the Urban Plunge program officially began again for the year! Urban Plunge is where middle school and high school youth groups from churches in the area come for an overnight retreat from Friday through Saturday. During this time they go out onto Light Rail and visit different parts of Minneapolis while engaging issues such as racism, homelessness and class issues. They talk about how we can work to break the cycles that contribute to these things and see how faith can speak to these issues. Last weekend a group from Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church in Plymouth came. 13 youth and adults came and had a great weekend learning and exploring.

Are you interested in getting involved with Urban Plunge? Would you like to schedule your own for your church youth group? Contact Jacie Richmond, Pastoral Intern, or Greg Lewis, Bonner Leader, at and