Sharing a Passion for Giving

Did you ever go in the door of a networking event and come out with a great new connection? Did you follow through and turn a connection into a relationship?

Some time ago I attended an Augsburg student/alumni networking event on campus and met a young man, Dennis Som ’12, who seemed interested in my field of finance. A few weeks later I ran into him again at the Ivy Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. I remembered he had written me a thank you note after that initial networking event. A note in which he basically said, “I want your job someday!” So when I saw him again at the Ivy we struck up a conversation and he offered to buy me lunch.

Follow-up leads to follow-through

Impressed by his desire to improve his life and excel in his career, I knew right away, I wanted to help Dennis. We decided to meet periodically and talk about careers, life and serving others. I gave him a book titled The Go Giver. He read it and has been using its theme to inform his thinking about life and work. The message is that the secret to life is giving. He has learned to base relationships on giving.

While I set out to help Dennis through this mentorship, I already know, I am getting a lot from our relationship. He inspires me with his energy, follow-through and great instincts—all qualities that will make him successful in work and life.

I share this story because I believe our work to bring the Center for Science, Business, and Religion will succeed when more of us reach out to one another to share our gifts with one another and with Augsburg.

Creating an environment for mentoring

When the CSBR is completed by 2016, Augsburg will be better able to attract and retain top students like Dennis and support our exceptional faculty with an environment designed to foster great teaching/learning relationships.

I’ve always felt that people want to be part of a winning team, so when the effects of our new CSBR reflect even stronger outcomes for our graduating students, more alumni will want to step up and and join the growing team of mentors who are helping to advance all of our great Augsburg students.

Keeping the doors opening, challenging more to join

We invite all of you to join us in the effort to secure the funding for this great new academic center on campus. Several challenge grants are waiting for your generous gifts, helping meet our goal for each class to contribute $1 million or more to the Center.

In the meantime, I have another book waiting for Dennis when I am finished with it titled, Give and Take. We will let you know what we learn from sharing our passion for giving and our determination to invite others to join us.

Auggies Supporting Auggies

Let’s move the ball on this important campaign. We carry our alma mater with us into the world. We can add our talents and gifts to make it a great and greater College.