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Maroon and Silver Society

Donors in the Maroon and Silver Society are recognized for contributions totaling between $1,000-$2,499.99 between June 1 and May 31 of each year to any fund at Augsburg.

Maroon and Silver Society Members

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Constance Adams ’74
Andra Adolfson
James Agre, M.D. ’72 and Brenda Gauvin-Chadwick
Peter Agre, M.D. ’70 and Mary Macgill Agre
Ione Agrimson Hanson ’68 *
Lois (Richter) Agrimson ’60
Thomas Alberg and Irene Kovala
A. and Kjellgren K. Alkire
Pearl Almquist
Catherine Anderson *
Daniel Anderson ’65 and Alice Anderson
D. F. and Vivian M. Anderson
Deloris Anderson ’56

Kim Anderson ’73
Leif Anderson ’13 and Abdo Sayegh Rodríguez
R. Kieth and Katherine L. Anderson
Ron Anderson, Ph.D. and Andrea Anderson
Scott Anderson ’96
S. Lloyd Anderson
S. Earl and Stephanie J. Anderson
Thomas Anderson ’72
I. Shelby (Gimse) ’56 Andress
Sara Armh3-Nathan and Michael Nathan
Christine (Pieri) ’88 and James ’88 Arnold
Ann ( and Kenneth Ashton-Piper


Christopher Baggett
Lisa Bailey
Elizabeth Bartz ’82 *
Meg Bassinson
P. Bennett and LaVonne M. Batalden
Mike Benson ’78
David Benzel ’71 and Cynthia Benzel
Alden Berg
N. Roy and Deloris J. Berg
R. H. and Phyllis R. Berge
Kjell Bergh
Jon ’76 and Kirsten (Sateren) ’78 Bergherr
Nathan Berkas and Jordyn Berkas
J. Carl and Linda Berryman
Anthony Bibus, III *
Sheryl () ’75 and Mark Birk Gable
Barbara Birky and Zane Birky
J. S. and Carol S. Bjerkestrand

Paul Bjorkstrand ’10
Nancy (Paulson) ’70 and J. Ragnar Bjornson
Paul Blomquist ’88 and Kristin Eggerling ’89
G. Keith and Jean E. Blosberg
David Boe ’68 and Lynn Boe
Brent Boeshans
Richard Bonlender, Jr. ’78 and Mary Ahern
Elizabeth Brama
T. Justin and Kendall Bramwell
Rachel Brass and Richard Foster
Dawn Brehm
B. Walter and Nancy A. Brekke
Kyle Brown ’88
Eric Browning-Larsen
Kristi Brusletto ’02
Carolyn Burfield ’60 *
Ralph Butkowski, Ph.D. and Janet Beneke


Darryl Carter ’65
Carol (Johnson) Casperson ’60
Cheryl Chatman Ed.D. and Kelly Chatman
David ’72 and Michelle (Karkhoff) ’72 Christianson
Margaret Clyde
Jerelyn (Hovland) ’63 Cobb

R. T. and Nancy A. Colvin
Carma Coon
Mary Croft ’79
Kristin Cronin Cole and Perrie Cole
Eleanor Crosby
Deborah (Fredrickson) ’76 and Bill Crowley


T. and Lee Dagger
Pam (Anderson) Dahlager ’73 *
G. S. and Janet L. Dahlman
Bartley Davidson ’76
Toby and Mae Dayton
Darcy Debing ’77 and Mary Debing
Tammera (Ericson) Diehm ’93
R. A. and Brenda Dolski
John Donaldson, Sr. and Sara Donaldson

Connie Doran
Kelly Doran * and Connie Doran
Suzanne Dorée
Anne (Bowar) Draeger ’11
Kristin Dragseth Wiersma ’91 and Hans Wiersma, Ph.D.
Blaine Dumke and Kristen Larson Dumke
Linda (Lundeen) ’74 and Douglas Dunn
Karen (Miller) Durant ’81


Helga Egertson
J. David and Jill Egertson
Daniel ’77 and Patricia Eitrheim*
R. P. and Tamara Ekstrand
Nancy El-Hibri
Vicki Ellingrod ’89 and John Ringold
Rachel (Olson) ’98 and Daniel ’97 Engebretson
Matt Entenza and Jeannie Fox Entenza
Mary Lou (Ervin) ’64 and Dennis ’64 Erickson

Sarah Erkkinen and Joel Erkkinen
Dean ’68 and Diana (Olson) ’69 Ersfeld
Gregg Eskenazi
Elise Estrada ’11
L. Craig ’79 and Theresa (Serbus) ’79 Estrem
M. Arthur and Margaret M. Eustis
John ’82 and Joan Moline ’83 Evans
Ellen Sue Ewald and Terje Mikalsen
D. C. and Jennifer J. Eyler


David Farb ’71
Teresa Fleischhacker
D. John and Jean M. Flynn
Dawn Formo, Ph.D.
J. Ellis and Sara Fortin

Robert Foster and Lura Foster
William Frame
M. Sheehan and Lois M. Francis
Douglas Frisk ’68


Barbara Gage, Sr.
S. Carlson and Gina M. Gage
Rebecca Ganzel Thompson
Ronald Gardner, Jr. and Rebecca Fineran-Gardner
Adam Garen
Justin Garen
James ’68 and Jane (Eidsvoog) ’68 Gisselquist
Martha Gisselquist ’86
M. R. and Ann C. Good
Dean Goplerud *
Shirley Goplerud ’51

Robert Gould
K. Davis and J. Hazen Graves
Frank Grazzini, II ’96 and Rebecca Grazzini
J. N. and Mary Jo Greenfield
Nigel Greig
Fritz Grimm, IV
H. T. and Michele K. Grindal
Richard Gross and Elizabeth Gross
Robert Groven
Franklin Groves, Jr. ’85
T. Joseph and Kathleen A. Gunter


G. L. and Linda Hagen
James Hagen ’73 and Kay Hagen
Norman R. Hagfors
J. E. and Kathleen Haglund
Matthew Haines and Jennifer Marshall
Mark Hall ’77 and Naomi Rich Hall
H. Lester Halverson, Jr. ’64 and Jo Ann Halverson
William Halverson, Ph.D. ’51
Suzanne (Overholt) ’67 and John Hampe
Brenda Hansen ’84
Kathy Hansen and David Hansen
Cynthia Hanson ’66
Mark Hanson ’68
Robert Hanson, Ph.D. ’68 and Annette Hanson, M.D. ’68
John Harris, II * and Diane Harris
M. Donald and Laurie Hassenstab
Christopher Haug ’79 and Karl Starr
David ’67 and Karen (Jacobson) ’67 Haugen
Stephanie Haugen ’91
Judy (Bacon) ’72 and Fred Haugo
Michael Haukaas, Ph.D. ’93
Daniel ’07 and Molly (Ringer) ’06 Hayward
Deborah (Jacobs) ’00 and Timothy Heard
M. J and Karel K. Helgeson
Ruth Helland

Rex Hendrickson
Jacqueline Hendrickson-Marrs
Lila Hensley
P. W. and Katherine R. Hespen
D. G and Darlene J. Hetland
L. Ann and Tony R. Hicks
L. F and Kathrine Hill
Rodney Hill ’59
Dan Hoedeman
Vanya Hogen
Orville Hognander, Jr.
G. and Connie Holker
Kenneth ’74 and Linda (Bailey) ’74 Holmen
D. Karstens and Jane H. Holmes
B. P. and Linda M. Holt
Kathryn Holum and Glenn Baron
Adam Holzschuh
Elizabeth Horton
A. R. and Lenice Hoversten
Philip Hoversten, M.D. ’71 and Patricia Sausser
T. Leroy and Karen L. Howe
Todd ’86 and Carol ( Hubbard
Adam Hughes
Christopher Hughes
Catherine (Odland) ’85 and Patrick Hurley


James Ingram and Sheila Grant
Veena Iyer, Esq. and Mohammad Faisal Hadi


Diane Jacobson, Ph.D. and Paul Jacobson
Marah Jacobson
Patrick Jacobson-Schulte
Sandra Jamison
Mark Jennings ’76 and Kathleen Lake ’76
Gerald ’68 and Carole (Braud) ’68 Jensen
Daniel Johnson ’75
Karen Johnson ’66

Katherine ’81, ’16 and James Johnson
Mark Johnson ’75
Ruth Johnson ’74 and Philip Quanbeck, II
Todd Johnson ’80 and Elizabeth Butler ’80
Carol Jones
Craig Jones
Rachel (Hendrickson) ’71 and Bruce Julian
Richard Junghans


Ann Kass and Alex Kass
R. Wynn Kearney, Jr. and Ginnette Kearney
Stacy Keding, Ph.D. ’95 and Paul Keding
Suzanne Kelley ’69
L. Wayne Kendrick ’68
J. P. and Kelly Kenley
R. John and Mary L. Kennedy
Diane (Ross) Kerr
J. K. and Ricardo A. Khan
Richard ’69 and Cheryl (Nelson) ’70 King
L. S. and Robert C. Klas

Bruce and Maren Kleven
D. M. and Barbara J. C. Kleven
Janice Kleven
Jimmy ’01 and Jane (Galvin Kline
Gloria (Grant) Knoblauch ’57 *
M. James and Brandi A. Knoepfle
Bonnie Koch ’73 and Gerald Koch
D. C. and Susan Kopperud
Matthew Kretlow ’92 and Arla Kretlow ’92
Gabriel Krueger ’07
William Kuszler, Sr. ’64 *


Lee Anne (Hansen) ’67 and Gene Lack
Joanne (Stiles) Laird ’58
D. Dean and Amy M. Lamker
Gary ’64 and Carol (Welch) ’65 Langness
Russell Lapoint
David Larson
Dean ’62 and Barbara Beglinger ’63 Larson
Diane (Kleven) and Philip Larson
G. S. and Mary K. Larson
Linda Larson ’70 and C. Jerry Sells
Martin Larson ’80
Ruth (Ringstad) ’53 and Marvin Larson
S. Edwin and Catherine Larson
Dorothy (Kjorlie) Lee * and Alan Lee
Maryon Lee
Steven ’85 and Melinda (Causton) ’83 Lee

Eric Lehto and Brianna Halverson
Karolynn Lestrud ’68
Karen Levisen ’73
P. James and Beth A. Lilja
James Lindell, Jr. ’67 and Laurie Lindell
T. D. and Janet R. Lindstrom
Jean Lingen
M. Andrew and Christine A. Littmann
Jane (Bjorndal) ’78 and David Loe
J. D. and Karen M. Loheit
Lawrence Lokken ’60
Dana Lonn
Devoney Looser ’89
Pa-Loo Lor ’17
Daniel Lundell ’74
John Luoma, Ph.D. ’65 and Gracia Luoma ’66


Kay Malchow ’82 and Stephen Cook
Dean Malotky, Ph.D. ’71 and Cheryl Malotky ’72
Lyle ’68 and Susanne (Starn) ’68 Malotky
Jennifer and Richard Martin*
Robert ’71 and Cheryl (Lindroos) ’72 Martin
Michael Maxey, Sr. and Terri Maxey
Donald McCarthy ’09
Donna McLean and Lyle Clausen
Kate Megan and Edward Wanamaker
D. J. and Beverly A. Meyer
Dennis Miller, Ph.D. ’67 and Christine Olson, Ph.D.

Joyce (Schroepfer) Miller ’02, ’05, ’11
W. John and Catherine A. Milota
Spencer Minear ’66 and Gay (Johnson) Minear ’66
Karin Moe
P. K. and Mark A. Moksnes
Joel Moline
Lori Moline ’82 and Steven Olson
Sharon (Lindell) Mortrud ’64
Nancy (Mackey) ’85 and Paul ’84 Mueller
R. Carl and Helen Munkittrick


David ’06 and Sara (Holman) ’06 Nash
Allan Nelson
B. Harold and Sharon D. Nelson
James Nelson
Lewis Nelson ’00 and Jocelyn Sandberg
Mark Nelson and Stephanie Nelson
Ronald Nelson ’68
John Nielsen ’95 and Rachel Schultz Nielsen ’95

Steven ’64 and Rebecca (Walhood) ’65 Nielsen
Charles ’68 and Bonnie (Board) ’71 Niles
Jeffrey Nodland ’77 and Becky Bjella-Nodland ’79
Norma Noonan
Roselyn Nordaune ’77
Donald Notvik
T. R. and Vicki A. Nygaard


John O’Brien, Jr. and Kathryn O’Brien
Paula O’Loughlin, Ph.D. and Betsy Bateman
J. Laverne and Louann M. Olsen
Erin Olsen-Telles ’08
Gary Olson ’65 and Jean Olson ’64
Ilene (Ferris) Olson ’93
M. A. and Teresa Olson

Christina Olstad ’00
Betty Lou Oppegard ’62 and Milo Oppegard ’62 *
Donald Oren ’53 and Beverly (Halling) Oren ’55
Laurie (Nelson) ’79 and Steven Orlow
Karen (Lund) Orrill ’65
J. W. and Nina Osberg
Pamela Ostrom ’75


Theodore Page ’00
Claudia Parliament
Annette Patel ’74 and Subhashchandra Patel, D.D.S. ’75
R. J. and Karen J. Pearson
W. Douglas and Lynette Y. Pederson
Gerald ’67 and Linda (Jorgensen) ’68 Peterson
Kenneth Peterson ’67
Miriam (Cox) ’68 and Ronald Peterson
Kathleen (Winsor) Petit ’70
Noel Petit, Ph.D. and Sharon Petit
R. William and Jane C. Petrich

M. David and Heather K. Pfeffer
Carol Pfleiderer ’64
Jennifer Phillips and Joseph Fleming
Jaime Piepenburg
Cindy Piper and Addison Piper, Sr.
Mitchell Piper, Jr. and Barbara Piper
Larye ’98 and Melissa (Moyle) ’00 Pohlman
E. C. and Robert M. Poteete
Janet (Evenson) ’63 and Edward Potratz
Paul Pribbenow and Abigail Crampton Pribbenow
Liz Pushing ’93


Richard ’68 and Rachel (Froiland) Quenemoen


Mark Raabe ’53
Kathryn Ramstad
Nicholas ’03 and Shannon (Peterson Rathmann
B. B. and Kristen P. Reichenbach
S. Cherne and Peter G. Ribbens
Almina (Nelson) Ringdahl ’49
Shannon Robshaw Keck and Anthony Keck
Karin (Ludwigsen) ’95 and Matthew ’98 Rochester
Leeann Rock, M.D. ’81 and Brian Anderson, Ph.D. ’82

Peter Rogness and Geraldine Rogness
L. R. and Martin R. Roller
M. Richard and Britta Romsdahl
L. A. and John E. Roper-Batker
Jonathan ’94 and Heather (Gunderson) ’98 Rose
M. Lu and Timothy R. Roth
D. Norman and Karen M. Rudrud
Grant Rykken ’79


Audrey (Nagel) Sander ’51 *
Bruce ’71 and Pamela (Hermstad) ’72 Santerre
A. C. and Dyanne Sather
William Schalk
Kristen Scheel ’09
B. J. and Timothy E. Schmitt
Mark Schneider ’75 and Mary Lincoln
Marilee (Alne) Schroeder ’65 and William Schroeder
Charles ’64 and Dorothy Schulz
John Schwartz ’67 * and Jim Mosley
Inez (Olson) Schwarzkopf ’59 *
Lyall Schwarzkopf
John Schwehn
Douglas Scott and Grace Schroeder Scott
M. Roger and Bonnie J. Scott
S. W. Selstad
E. Peter and Gina M. Sethre
Laura Sewell
M. Ondine Sewell
Betty Shaw
Ethel (Nordstrom) Shiell ’55
Jacob Short
Heidemarie (Degen) Shurtleff ’66
David Sidney, M.D. ’64 and Rebecca Sidney, M.D.
Sandra Simpson Phaup ’64 and Marvin Phaup, Jr.
Darrell Skogen ’71
G. Philip and Nanci Smaby
S. L. and Lori Smith
David Soli ’81

Evelyn Sonnack Halverson ’43 *
Susan (Lindberg) ’70 and Earl Sorenson
Allan ’53 and Eunice (Nystuen) ’50 Sortland
Mark and Kristin Spangrud
Richard Spratt ’74
T. David and Amy Steenson
Eric Stenshoel and Michael McKee
John-Mark ’69 and Nancy (Strommen) ’71 Stensvaag
Mary Stickelmeyer, Ph.D. ’74 and Henry Havel
Brent ’03 and Bethany (Schneck) ’05 Stolle
Martha Stortz
Ben Stottrup and Neota Moe
Sara (Halvorson) Strom ’63
Marsha Strommen Olson ’68 and Dean Olson
E. Peter ’69 and Norma Jean (Johnson) ’69 Strommen
James ’77 and Judith (Knudson) ’77 Strommen
J. A. and Elaine Strommen
J. L. and Heidi A. Strommen
Robert Strommen ’74
S. T. and Chynne M. Strommen
Grace (Kemmer) Sulerud ’58
Becky (Peterson) Sullivan ’74
John ’69 and Stephanie (Johnson) ’71 Sulzbach
L. N. and Louise Sundet
D. Allen and Amy J. Sundquist
Lisa Svac Hawks ’85
Ronald ’69 and Susan (Scott) ’71 Swanson
Brian Swedeen ’92 and Terri Burnor ’92
J. Floyd and Melissa G. Swenson


Jean Taylor ’85
A. William and Emily E. Thiele
LaJune Thomas Lange ’75 and Thomas Lange
Jill Thomas and Bob Thomas
Marilyn Thompson ’64
Mary (Schindler) Thompson ’48 *
Noreen (Walen) Thompson ’78

Stephen Thompson ’78
Gordon ’52 and Gloria Parizek ’53 Thorpe*
John Tieben, Jr. ’03 and Danielle Tieben ’04
D. L. and Martha G. Tiede
Beth Torstenson ’66
L. P. and Susan Turner


A. Aspenes and Scott J. Ulring


Caroline Vernon


Deborah (Lease) ’78 and Douglas Wagman
Tim Wahl ’07 and Lisa Wahl ’07, ’11
Ronald Wahlberg ’70
Janel (Schmidt) ’92 and Dean ’91 Wahlin
Marcel Walgren and Kathryn Walgren
Clara Webby
S. C. and Catherine R. Webster
Lauren Weck
Brian Wigdahl ’74 and Betty Condran

Keneeshia Williams, M.D. ’03
Richard Wilson
Heidi Wisner Staloch ’93
Craig Wisness ’73
Thomas Witschen *
Carol Witte ’76 and Winston Cavert
William Wittenbreer
Nathan Wodarz
Troy Wondrasch ’92
T. Scott and Kelly Wong



J. G. and Marvel J. Yager
Pahoua Yang Hoffman
Ray Yip, M.D. ’72 and Florence Bannicq

Byung Yoon
Joyce (Leifgren) Young ’64


Mona Zielke

* denotes deceased