Maroon & Silver Society

Sustaining Augsburg through annual gifts

Donors to the Maroon & Silver Society make an Augsburg education possible for every student, every day with generous gifts of $1,000 or more to The Augsburg Fund each year.

Here are just a few of the students who benefit from their generosity:


Hannah Thiry ’17

Majors: Biology and Chemistry
Minor: Psychology

“My favorite thing about Augsburg is the push for students to step outside their comfort zones. All of the professors, advisors and mentors have encouraged me to try new things. This helps me grow and find my vocation.”

MS Jens

Jens Pinther ’15

Major: English: Creative Writing
Editor-in-Chief of Augsburg’s student-run newspaper, the Echo

“Augsburg has instilled a sense of humbleness within me that will not be lost. It is outstanding at empowering students to be aware beyond themselves. Thank you for your gifts! I wouldn’t be here without you.”

MS Nazy

Nazy Dimore ’15

Major: International Relations
Minors: Religion and Peace & Global Studies

“My proudest academic achievement is gaining a diverse education abroad. Scholarships gave me the chance to study in South Africa for a semester during my sophomore year. That summer I went to Mexico to learn Spanish. My junior year I continued my trip to Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.”

MS Ben

Ben Menzies ’15

Major: Psychology

“After failing out of another college, finishing my degree was never really in the plan for me. Augsburg has given me an unbelievable second chance at pursuing what I feel is my vocation. I’m in recovery in the StepUP program, so helping others has always been close to home.”

MS Banna

Banna Kidane ’15

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Management Information Systems
Day Student Body President, 2014-2015

“My favorite thing about Augsburg is the fact that the College provides students with resources to succeed. Because of generous donors, I’ve been able to continue my studies at an affordable rate.”



Gifts Received June 1, 2013 to present
Anonymous (3)
Ruth Aaskov ’53
Andra Adolfson
Edward ’50 and Margaret Alberg
Misti Allen Binsfeld ’93
Paul ’59 and Pearl Almquist
Brian Anderson ’82 and Leeann Rock ’81
Charles† and Catherine Anderson
Daniel ’65 and Alice Anderson
Deloris Anderson ’56
Donald ’60 and Violet Anderson
Kim Anderson ’73
Leif Anderson
Robert Anderson ’77 and Katherine Miller
Sheila ’05 and Lee Anderson
Steven and Stephanie Anderson
William Anderson ’86
Georgette (Lanes) Ario ’50
Ruth Arneson
James ’88 and Christine (Pieri) ’88 Arnold
Christopher ’81 and Susan Ascher
Ann and Kenneth Ashton-Piper
Jean (Hemstreet) Bachman ’68
Elizabeth Bartz ’82
Vera (Thorson) Benzel ’45
John Berg ’59
Norman ’59 and Delores Berg
Sidney ’57 and Lola (Lidstrom) ’50 Berg
Helen Bergan† ’61…
Thom ’71 and Marcia (Raymond) ’73 Berkowitz
Lennore (Bylund) Bevis ’66
William and Katherine Binder
Nancy (Paulson) ’70 and J. Ragnar Bjornson
Stephen ’74 and Janet Blake
Sue Blanshan
Buffie Blesi ’90, MAL ’97 and John Burns
David ’68 and Lynn Boe
Jon Bogen ’80 and Cheryl Shrader Bogen
Dennes ’57 and Florence (Helland) ’54 Borman
Marilyn (Saure) ’61 and Tom Breckenridge
Paul ’55 and Rosalind Britton
Kyle Brown ’88
Adam Buhr ’98 and Laura Pejsa ’98
Carolyn Burfield ’60
Marion (Myrvik) Buska ’46
Mark Capaldini and Laura Hotchkiss Capaldini
O. Charlotte Carlsen ’47
Jennie and Richard Carlson
Carl ’59† and Kathleen (Aaker) ’62 Casperson
Carol (Johnson) Casperson ’60
Rev. Dr. Herbert ’54 and Rev. E Corinne Chilstrom
Judith Christensen
Jerelyn (Hovland) ’63 and Clyde Cobb
Richard ’74 and Nancy Colvin
Joseph Cook ’89
Brent ’84 and Evelyn Crego
Mary (Brandt) ’79 and David Croft
Oliver Dahl ’45
Sally (Hough) ’79 Daniels Herron and John Herron
Tammera (Ericson) ’93 and Jeffrey Diehm
Gloria Doebbert
Mary Ann (Fox) ’56 and Lowell Domholdt
Mark and Anne Donahoe
Karen (Miller) Durant ’81
Robert Eftedahl ’50
Darrell ’55 and Helga Egertson
Judy (Thompson) Eiler ’65†…
Daniel ’77 and Patricia Eitrheim
Richard ’72 and Tamara Ekstrand
Avis Ellingrod
James Ericksen ’72
Dennis ’64 and Mary Lou (Ervin) ’64 Erickson
Elaine (Foss) Erickson ’55†…
Duane Esterly ’75
L. Craig ’79 and Theresa (Serbus) ’79 Estrem
Mark and Margie Eustis
Phillip and Phyllis Fellin
Duncan Flann ’55
Robert and Jenny Florence
Jack and Sara Fortin
William and Anne Frame
Andrew Fried ’93
Dustin Froyum ’98
Leola (Dyrud) Furman ’61
Barbara and Edwin Gage
Barbara and Frederick Gaiser
Gregory ’68 and Mary (Michaelsen) ’69 Garmer
Ann Garvey
Amit MBA ’12 and Karthik Ghosh
Glen ’52 and Irvyn (Barber) ’87 Gilbertson
Michael ’71 and Ann Good
Shirley (Larson) ’51 and Dean Goplerud
Roger ’61 and Barbara (Milne) ’60 Gordon
Charles and Elaine Graham
Justin Grammens ’96
J. Hazen and Kathy Graves
John ’66 and Mary Jo Greenfield
Raymond ’57 and Janice Grinde
Debra ’92 and John Groezinger
Doris Groth
Mabeth (Saure) ’58 and Richard Gyllstrom
Norman and Evangeline Hagfors
James and Kathleen Haglund
Corky ’71 and Lori Hall
William Halverson ’51 and Evelyn (Amundson) Sonnack Halverson ’43
Anna (Hovland) Hanson ’58
James Harbo ’65
Jodi and Stanley Harpstead
Betty (Johnson) Hass ’58
Sharlene and John Hauer
Christopher Haug ’79 and Karl Starr
Joyce (Gustafson) ’63 and Earl Hauge
Peter ’62 and Bobbie Hauser
Ruth Helland
Alejandro Herrera ’95 and Morris Floyd
Kenneth ’74 and Linda (Bailey) ’74 Holmen
Phoebe Hough
Ronald ’74 and Annella Hoverstad
Allen ’64 and Lenice Hoversten
Berneal Hoversten†…
Clarence Hoversten ’41
Kermit ’50 and Ruth Hoversten
Philip Hoversten ’71 and Patricia Sausser
Vincent ’50 and Marjorie Hoversten
Thomas ’72 and Karen Howe
Brandon Hutchinson ’99
Deborah Hutterer ’99
Jeffrey ’80 and Jacqui Jarnes
J. Vernon ’47 and Khin Khin Jensen
Rebecca John, MBA ’13
Gary ’74 and Melody Johnson
Karen (Dahlen) ’70 and Stuart Johnson
Charles Jorenby ’87 and Susan Heaton
Wayne ’71 and Carol (Pederson) ’72 Jorgenson
Rachel (Hendrickson) ’71 and Bruce Julian
Karen Kaivola and Bonnie Tensen
Erik ’81 and Judie Kanten
Luther ’68 and Joanne Kendrick
Dean ’75 and Terry Kennedy
Richard ’69 and Cheryl (Nelson) ’70 King
Linda Klas ’92
Lowell ’54 and Janice Kleven
Michael Klutho and Jill Manske
Cynthia (Ellman) ’80 and Gregory Kneisl
Jason Koch ’93 and Heather Johnston ’92
Elsie (Ronholm) Koivula ’49
Ben Krouse-Gagne ’11
George Lanes ’50
Kathryn Lange ’72 and Dennis Sonifer
Linda Larson ’70 and C. Jerry Sells
Martin Larson ’80
Ruth (Ringstad) ’53 and Marvin Larson
Steve ’72 and Catherine Larson
Roger ’50 and Donna (Wang) ’52 Leak
Harris ’57 and Maryon Lee
Andre Lewis ’73 and Kathleen McCartin
Jean Lingen
Jane (Bjorndal) ’78 and David Loe
Dana Lonn
Michael Lundeby ’74
Marissa (Hutterer) Machado ’99
Roger ’57 and Fern Mackey
Lyle ’68 and Susanne (Starn) ’68 Malotky
Donna Demler McLean
Christopher ’00 and Tara (Cesaretti) ’97 McLeod
Paul ’70 and Barbara (Durkee) ’71 Mikelson
Deborah (Anderson) ’72 and Timothy Miller
Joyce Miller ’02, MAN ’05, DNP ’11
Spencer ’66 and Gay (Johnson) ’66 Minear
Pamela (Hanson) ’79 and Mark ’79 Moksnes
Jane and John Mooty
Thomas and Lorraine Morgan
Marlys (Backlund) Morland ’54
LaWayne ’51 and LaRhea (Johnson) ’51 Morseth
David Mortrud ’63†…
Sharon (Lindell) Mortrud ’64
Paul ’84 and Nancy (Mackey) ’85 Mueller
William Mullen
Andre ’63 and Elaine (Snustad) ’93 Nelson
Beverly (Omdahl) Nelson ’55†…
Ronald ’68 and Mary Kay Nelson
Ronald Nelson ’62
John Nielsen ’95 and Rachel Schultz Nielsen ’95
Steven ’64 and Rebecca ’65 Nielsen
Jeffrey ’77 and Becky (Bjella) ’79 Nodland
Roselyn Nordaune ’77
Lisa Novotny ’80 and Mark Flaten
Terry ’70 and Vicki Nygaard
Leroy Nyhus ’52
Beverly Nystuen Carlsen ’53 and Omar Nelson
Donald Olsen ’60†…
Ilene (Ferris) Olson ’93
Wanda (Warnes) ’56 and Ted Olson
L. Beth (Buesing) Opgrand ’45
Beverly (Halling) ’55 and Donald ’53 Oren
Carol Oversvee Johnson ’61
Robert ’50† and Ruth Ann Paulson
Ruth Paulson
Mardelle (Johnson) ’66 and John Pearson
Corwin and Doris Peterson
Eugene ’59 and Paula Peterson
Thomas Peterson ’69
Ronald ’69 and Jane Petrich
Carol Pfleiderer ’64
Linda (Christensen) ’68 and Gerald Phillips
Diane Pike and Stephen Willett
David and Ann Preus
Paul Pribbenow and Abigail Crampton Pribbenow
Tonya Puckett Miller
Karl Puterbaugh ’52
Sara Quigley Brown ’00 and Russ Brown
Mark ’53 and Jean Raabe
Paul ’63 and Brenda Rasmussen
Nancy (Joubert) Raymond ’63
Beth and Klaus Reissenweber
Alan Rice
Curtis Rice ’84 and Tove Dahl ’84
Heather Riddle and Michael McCue
Arthur ’53 and Charlotte (Kleven) ’52 Rimmereid
Karin (Ludwigsen) ’95 and Matthew Rochester ’88
Richard Rose
Ruth Rose
Judith Ryan
Martin ’59 and Sylvia Lee Sabo
Dennis ’67 and Karen (Foss) ’67 Sackreiter
Curtis and Marian Sampson
Gloria (Ostrem) ’53+ and Noboru Sawai
Gregory ’91 and Molly (Fochtman) ’92 Schnagl
John Schwartz ’67
Douglas Scott and Grace Schroeder Scott
Michael ’71 and Bonnie Scott
Ronnie ’62 and Karen Scott
Richard ’70 and Linda Seime
Earl ’68 and Lisbeth (Jorgensen) ’70 Sethre
Heidimarie (Degan) Shurtleff ’66
Sandra Simpson Phaup ’64
Nick Slack ’02
Neal ’57 and Judy (Fosse) ’61 Snider
David Soli ’81
John ’62 and Ruth (Sather) ’63 Sorenson
Arne Sovik†
Carolyn (Johnson) ’80 and Lawrence Spargo
Todd ’89 and Amy Steenson
Keith and Christine Stout
Philip ’79 and Julia (Davis) ’79 Styrlund
Grace (Kemmer) ’58 and Ralph Sulerud
Dean ’81 and Amy Sundquist
Lisa Svac Hawks ’85
Ronald ’69 and Susan (Scott) ’71 Swanson
Brian Swedeen ’92 and Terri Burnor ’92
Gary ’80 and Deanna Tangwall
Jean Taylor ’85 and Roger Griffith ’84
Glenn Thiel
LaJune Thomas-Lange ’75 and Thomas Lange
Marilyn Thompson ’64
Glenn ’60 and Janey Thorpe
Gordon ’52 and Gloria (Parizek) ’53 Thorpe
David and Martha Tiede
Beth Torstenson ’66
Mark and Ann Tranvik
Martha Truax MAL ‘14
Robert ’63 and Marie Tufford
Lawrence ’69 and Susan Turner
Mary (Loken) ’70 and Dennis Veiseth
Ronald Wahlberg ’70
Chris ’80 and Mary Walker
Bonnie Wallace and Ronald Hagland
Jill Watson, MBA ’10
Steven ’78 and Susan (Johnson) ’79 Wehrenberg
Arnhild Werket
Craig Wisness ’73
Ray Yip ’72 and Florence Bannicq
Mark ’76 and Debra (Daehn) ’77 Zellmer

† Deceased

The Maroon & Silver Society recognizes donors who give $1,000 or more annually to The Augsburg Fund, the College’s annual fund. The list reflects donors who gave in Fiscal Year 2014 (June 1, 2013–May 31, 2014) as well as donors who have given in Fiscal Year 2015 (June 1, 2014–present).

Every effort has been made to ensure that all names are included and spelled correctly.

If you notice an error, please contact Kevin Healy at 612-330-1619 or