Senior Class Gift


The Senior Class Gift is a way for the graduating senior class, their parents, and faculty and staff members to say “thank you” to the College that has provided the graduating class with amazing experiences that will serve them well in their bright future.

Funds from the Senior Class Gift program will go directly to The Augsburg Fund. The Augsburg Fund invests in students through financial aid and scholarships, supports teaching and learning, helps to fund campus ministry, athletics, music ensembles, and even purchases supplies such as energy-saving light bulbs!

Thank you to everyone that generously donated to the 2014 Senior Class Gift:

Colleen Ourada Gary Mariscal  Dave Zastrow  Katie Storlie
Ben Krouse-Gagne Doug Scott  Kim Stone  Martha Truax
Greg Holker Donna McLean  Keith Bateman  Sally Daniels Herron
Paul Pribbenow Delissa Hernandez  Bridget Robinson-Riegler  Sandra Fevig
Ron Petrich Dave Langemo  James and Mary Zastrow  Ann Garvey



In Honor Of

Tribute Messages

 Doug Scott IA student employees Jakkee Phillips and Adam Berndt Congratulations!
 Martha Truax Zaurean Nickens, Asha Saleh, Ellese Ford, and Clara Ranaivoson Way to go senior Phoneathon callers! Thanks for all of your great work and good luck on the next step of your journey!
 Greg Holker Clayton Lynch, Lekpea Kordah, Danny Osip Congratulations on graduating!
Keith Bateman  Tyler Beck, Adam Carl & Gary Mariscal Congratulation senior athletes!
Dave Zastrow Gary Mariscal and Casey Collins (317)
Ben Krouse-Gagne Ibrahim Al-Hajiby, Natalya Brown, Lia Capaldini, Kelsey Hlavac, Gary Mariscal, Emily McCourt, Zaurean Nickens, Colleen Ourada, , Jakkee Phillips, Asha Saleh, Matthew Schriber, Dave Zastrow, Morgan Baumgarten, Ellese Ford, Alaa Baqer, Clara Ranaivoson, and Katelyn Berens Congratulations seniors!


 Delissa Hernandez  Martha I. Hernandez