Student Philanthropy

auggies-giveThe students at Augsburg College share in the spirit of philanthropy.  Through a variety of activities, including the Feed the Pig Campaign, Tag It, & Senior Class Gift; the Annual Giving team & the Augsburg Stewards educate students on the difference that alumni, parents, and friends of Augsburg College have made on their experience at Augsburg.  The Augsburg Stewards is a student group on campus made up of passionate, involved, and loyal student leaders on campus that assist the Annual Giving and Alumni Relations teams on their endeavors throughout the year.

During the Feed the Pig Campaign, every student at Augsburg College is given a piggy bank with each class receiving a different color.  Students are encouraged to donate the spare change collected in their individual piggy bank to The Augsburg Fund—benefiting student scholarships.  There is a year-long contest between all of the classes, and the class with the most student donors to The Augsburg Fund wins a party on campus at the end of the spring semester.

Twice a year, the Annual Giving team & the Augsburg Stewards put on Philanthropy Week where students are encouraged to play games, win prizes, and “Feed their Pig” to help their class win the party on campus.  The week long Tag It contest encourages students to post pictures on Auggie Eagle’s Facebook page next to Price Tags educating them on philanthropy at Augsburg College.

If you are a current student interested in joining the Augsburg Stewards, please contact Ben Krouse-Gagne at 612-330-1179 or