Responsible Purchasing

Good stewardship requires thoughtful consumption. Buying for the everyday needs of a college campus should reflect not only the usefulness of any given item in our common work but also the long-term ramifications of its use. Whether it’s working towards ridding our campus of styrofoam food containers, purchasing more locally-grown produce for our food service, or using high post-consumer content recycled paper, Augsburg College attends to the broader ecological ramifications of the items that aid us in our work.

Recycled-content paper

Since 2005, all general-use printer and copier paper on campus contains 30% post-consumer recycled content. This is specified in the contract with our paper vendor; we share the contract with other ACTC schools.

Locally grown food

Each growing season, Campus Kitchens at Augsburg College receives 1-2 shares of organic produce from the Ploughshare Farm (a family business) in Parker’s Prairie, MN. To find out more about how this partnership began, see the article in the Fall 2006 issue of Augsburg NOW.  CKAC also receives excess produce from farmers at the Mill City Farmer’s Market and grows their own food in the Augsburg Community Garden.

Fair Trade coffee

Items certified as “Fair Trade” are produced in such a way that the producers are paid a fair living wage. A “Fair Trade blend” of coffee is available at the coffeeshop in Augsburg’s Christensen Center. Don’t forget to bring your own travel mug to reduce waste too!

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