MBA/MAL Dual Degree

Build comprehensive management skills with our dual management degree program

The dual degree program takes advantage of the intellectual benefits of studying business administration and leadership in a coordinated program.  It leverages Augsburg’s long tradition of graduate leadership training via the MA in Leadership with the robust demand for business education through our successful MBA program. The dual degree provides students with the leadership skills needed to run a business and, at the same time, helps them develop the comprehensive outlook they need to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

A minimum of 18 Augsburg courses completes the MBA/MA in Leadership dual degree,  including at least 7 MBA courses and 7 MA in Leadership courses.

The following dual degree program requirements must be met. 

7 courses are required from the MBA program:

  • MBA 510 – Managerial Economics
  • MBA 520 – Accounting for Managers
  • MBA 530 – Managerial Finance
  • MBA 540 – Business and Professional Ethics
  • MBA 550 – Marketing Management
  • MBA 570 – Quantitative Decision Making for Managers
  • MBA 580 – Consulting Project

4 courses are required from the MA in Leadership program with the addition of 3 ML elective courses:

  • *ML 505 – Foundations of Leadership
  • ML 514 – Research Methods
  • ML 580 – Colloquium on Contemporary Theories of Leadership
  • *ML 585 Integrating the Theory and Practice of Responsible Leadership
  • ML Electives (3)

* MAL students will receive credit for the required courses in effect at the time of their studies, including Visions of Leadership and a variety of final projects.

Three Focus Area Courses

Students will choose one course from each of the focus areas:

     Focus Area #1: Organizational Development

  • MBA 545 – Organizational Development
  • ML 535 – Organizational Theory and Leadership
  • Director approved course with organizational development focus

     Focus Area #2:  Global/Multicultural Perspective

  • MBA 565 – Global Environment for Managers
  • ML 563 – Leadership in a Global Society
  • ML 560 – Cultural Competence and Effective Leadership
  • Director approved course with global/multicultural focus

     Focus Area #3: Strategic Leadership

  • MBA 595 – Strategic Management
  • ML 574 – Strategic Leadership
  • Director approved course with strategic leadership focus

One Elective Course

Elective course may be taken in either MBA or MA in Leadership Program

A minimum of 18 courses is needed to fulfill all dual degree program requirements.


Admission for the dual degree program is handled on a “rolling” basis and requires applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university. Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions are required as well as a current résumé and two recommendations.  An interview with the program director is also part of the admissions process.

Although we do accept the GMAT and GRE, we also offer candidates an alternative math and writing profile assessment entitled the Individual Learning Profile (ILP) which provides a picture of candidate’s math and writing (verbal) competency detailing strengths and areas of improvement. The profile is not an admissions screening instrument and will be used as a platform to develop a skills improvement plan for students should they need it.

Earning the dual degree during or after the MBA or MA in Leadership program

Students who are currently enrolled in the MBA or MA in Leadership program or alumni who wish to return to Augsburg may add the dual degree to their existing degree by completing most of the same requirements listed on the front of this page. Students may use previously completed application pieces and coursework to help meet these requirements.

Returning students may complete an abbreviated application form after consultation with the MBA or ML program director. Upon entering the MBA program, a quantitative online profile assessment must also be taken. This is used as a platform to enhance skills, if needed.

Students with an MA in Leadership who wish to add the dual degree will take a minimum of 6.5 required MBA courses. Students will complete one course in each of the 3 focus areas if they did not complete these courses during their MAL program. Each student’s program will be slightly different based on their prior course selections.

Students with an MBA will complete 4 required and 3 elective MA in Leadership courses. Students will need to complete one course in each of the 3 focus areas if they did not complete these courses during their MBA program. Each student’s program will be slightly different based on their prior course selections.

Students in both programs will meet individually with the program directors to determine whether their completed final project meets the criteria aligned with the dual degree final project. Directors may ask that the project be modified or added to or ask the student to complete another project. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.