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Graduate Certificate: Health Equity + Racial Justice

This course credit-seeking certificate program aims to create awareness for health, equity, and racial justice in health, healthcare systems, and communities. This certificate is designed for current graduate students and alumni in healthcare-focused disciplines at Augsburg University who desire a graduate certificate in Health Equity and Racial Justice in Healthcare.

*The certificate courses are part of distinct graduate departments with Augsburg: Nursing, Physician Assistants, Leadership, Social Work, and Business. PsyD is a part of the collaborative and will be active in participation of the academic year of 2024-25

Certificate Learning Outcomes:

  1. Integrate the social determinants of health into the context of professional practice and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  2. Explore hegemonic norms, privilege, and bias in health care practices as structural barriers and systems of oppression are explored.
  3. Demonstrate principles of transformative action through advocacy, praxis, and speaking truth to power.

Click HERE to learn more about certificate requirements.