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Health Equity + Racial Justice in Healthcare Graduate Certificate

In the ever-evolving landscape of health and human services, the imperative to address health disparities and promote equity has never been more pressing. The pursuit of a graduate certificate in health equity and racial justice is not just a choice; it is a commitment to a transformative journey that empowers you to navigate the intricate web of social determinants of health. This pursuit goes beyond traditional skill development, fostering an understanding that transcends clinical expertise to embrace the societal complexities influencing patient and client well-being.

  • Enhance your impact in the profession of health and human service. 
  • Elevate your skills to address disparities with a greater awareness and understanding  of social determinants of health.
  • Explore and challenge biases, becoming an influential advocate for transformative change that improves outcomes for individuals and communities.  . 
  • Engage with stakeholders across systems to implement policy changes that address systemic inequalities

This course credit-seeking certificate program aims to create awareness for health, equity, and racial justice in health, healthcare systems, and communities. This certificate is designed for current graduate students and alumni in healthcare-focused disciplines at Augsburg University who desire a graduate certificate in Health Equity and Racial Justice in Healthcare.

*The certificate courses are part of distinct graduate departments with Augsburg: Nursing, Physician Assistants, Leadership, Social Work, and Business. PsyD is a part of the collaborative and will be active in participation of the academic year of 2024-25

Certificate Learning Outcomes:

  1. Integrate the social determinants of health into the context of professional practice and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  2. Explore hegemonic norms, privilege, and bias in health care practices as structural barriers and systems of oppression are explored.
  3. Demonstrate principles of transformative action through advocacy, praxis, and speaking truth to power.  

Completion Timeline & Course Format

Total Credits: 10 additional credits 

Completion Timeline: Current students may take certificate coursework concurrently with their required graduate program coursework. Augsburg alumni may approach coursework at their own pace.  There are no course-specific prerequisites with the exception of the NUR541 practicum(s) following the NUR541 course.  Please note that not all courses are offered every term

Format: Semester Structure with courses offered in the evening, synchronous Zoom, and/or hybrid weekend or weeknights. Course format depends on individual course and department offering the course. 

Required Courses & Practicum

  • NUR 541: Politics of Healthcare (3 credits)
  • NUR 541: Practicum: Politics of Health Care (1 credit) or  NUR715 Practicum: Dismantling White Supremacy Culture (1 credits) 
  • One 3-credit course in your major for PA, SW, MBA, or ML from the identified list of courses
  • One additional 3 credit course outside of your major (except for nursing students who will need to take two courses) 

Identified Courses in Graduate Majors

  • Social Work: SWK630: Multicultural Policy Practice (3 credits), SWK509: Assessment and Diagnosis in Mental Health Practice (4 credits)
  • Business: MBA540: Business and Professional Ethics (3 credits)
  • Leadership: ML560: Cultural Competence and Effective Leadership (3 credits), ML599: Topics: Collaborative Leadership (3 credits)
  • Physician Assistant: PA500/10/20/30: Community Health & Evidence-Based Professional Practice (1 credit course, 4 course series- must take 3 out of 4). *PA 500/510/520/530 are limited to PA students only 

*Course Descriptions can be found in the Graduate Catalog 


Interested candidates should complete this form.  As part of your your request, you will be asked to briefly address the following questions.

  • What prompted you to apply for this certificate?
  • How will completing this certificate support your professional and/or personal interests and goals?

The Office of Graduate Admissions will notify you of an admission decision and provide additional guidance around next steps.  You may also consult the program director of your current graduate program (if currently enrolled).

Questions?  Contact us at or call 612-330-1101