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 Transcultural Care Systems and the Millennium Development Goals

Courses  & Practica Offered in Namibia

  • NUR 501 P
  • NUR 701-703 Practicum Experiences (Doctor of Nursing Practice Program)
  • NUR 762 A Practicum: Transcultural Care systems and the Millennium Development Goals

Courses and practica taught in Namibia are typically 14 to 15 day immersion experiences offered in February every other year. Students are engaged in local communities with Namibian nurses while exploring the influence of place, time and culture on health and illness. Leadership skills, knowledge, and values that promote Millennium Development Goal achievement are developed and applied through participant-observation, critical reflection & dialogue that foster discovery and professional and personal growth. Independent student projects in Namibia are also encouraged. Students in the DNP, MAN, and BSN completion programs can take this course for practicum hours.

*This experience is only available for Augsburg University nursing students and alums.

This program is coordinated in conjunction with the Center for Global Education and Experience at Augsburg University.