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This practicum explores meanings and expressions of health, illness, caring, and healing transculturally. It emphasizes how health and illness are related to inequities in society and dynamics of power in systems of health care, formal and informal. Exploring health as a human right, students will begin to name and bear witness to structures of injustice and health inequities within the context of post-civil war Guatemala. Students are offered a wide variety of experiences to learn from the indigenous Maya how health and healing are threatened by social structures or sustained in community. In addition, students experience traditional Mayan healing rituals and hear stories of the strategies the poor employ to create health in communities and fair access to health resources. Through dialogue with community leaders and local residents, the impact of health inequities and structural violence, as defined by Dr. Paul Farmer, in Pathologies of Power: Health, Human rights and The New War on the Poor is explored.

Courses Offered

  • NUR 541 G: The Politics of Health Care (online for those traveling to Guatemala only)
  • NUR 702 Practicum: Directed Study (Doctor of Nursing Practice Program)
  • NUR 500 P: Transcultural Health Care
  • NUR 541 P: The Politics of Health Care
  • NUR 505 P: Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice

*Practicum specifics and hours of credit:

Graduate students enrolled in NUR 541P-A, NUR 505P-B or NUR 500P-B or for DNP practicum NUR 702 will earn 2 course credits for 90 practicum hours. Students who are in NUR 541P, NUR505P or NUR 500P must be enrolled in the following courses concurrently in order to use the practicum hours towards required practicum sections.  For example, you must be taking NUR 541 and NUR 500 in the same semester you travel in order to use towards the assigned practicum (NUR 541P + NUR 500P). If you are in one of the DNP tracks, and you are taking only one MAN course (NUR 500, NUR 541, or NUR 505), then you can enroll in a NUR 701 to count 45 hours towards your required DNP hours as well as the required practicum course (NUR 500P, NUR 541P or NUR 505P).  If you are in the MAN program, and you are only in one course, then you can only count these hours as 45 hours.  All students, despite the differences in courses or programs, will be expected to participate in the immersion experience equally.


This immersion course is typically a 8-10 day experience that is offered in March every other year. Space is limited, so please indicate your interest in participating in the course by emailing Colleen Hagerman ( The dates for the next immersion is March 18 – 27, 2025.

Students in the DNP and MAN programs can take this course for practice hours, as a required course, or as an elective. 

This experience is only available for Augsburg University nursing students.


Faculty Lead

Katie Clark DNP, RN (


What Students Are Saying

“The Guatemala immersion experience was amazing and life transforming. My world view has been expanded and I am inspired to incorporate what I have learned into my practice as an RN.”  -Craig


This program is coordinated in conjunction with the Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) at Augsburg University.