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Mission & Values

Student ResourcesAugsburg University Department of Nursing

Our Mission:

The mission of the Augsburg University Department of Nursing is to prepare nurse leaders to advance health equity, both locally and globally, through community-centered, inclusive, whole-person care.

Our Purpose:

Advancing Health Equity for All.

Our Vision:

Faculty, students, and graduates will create a more equitable and just world by championing collaborative action, demonstrating excellence in scholarship, and fostering innovation in the discipline.

Our Core Values:

  • Courage – To dream, to choose, to reimagine, to belong, to be heard, to challenge truths, to be culturally safe, and to provide care unconditionally
  • Engagement – Centering humility and grounded in relationships, we engage collaboratively with the community as we co-create more equitable means to provide care, including collaboration across disciplines
  • Agency – Using praxis to examine OR examining the historical context and root causes of injustices in order to use our collective power as nurses to shape future policies and practices
  • Integration – Robust learning environments that incorporate new ideas and worldviews in order to  create new brave spaces that improve the health of all
  • Innovation – Creating new models, practices, and knowledge grounded in care that is inclusive and just
  • Holism – The understanding that wellness extends beyond the physical dimension and is intricately connected to and influenced by culture and the environment.
  • Praxis as Social Justice* OR Scholarship – To use critical reflection that moves towards action to transform conditions, structures, and systems in all we do, especially as it relates to advancing the discipline of nursing grounded in social justice
  • Excellence – In teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and service to advance the discipline of nursing to transform conditions, structures, and systems for the greater good

 *as defined by Chinn, “is a professional practice directed by and toward social justice goals and outcomes, which includes reflectivity, action, and transformation…in order to transform the world” (Kagan et al. 2018, p.1)

New mission-aligned curriculum requirements from the Gen Ed revisions — Equity, Power, & Social Justice; Local + Global Perspectives; Sustainability + Wellness