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Certificate Programs

Augsburg University will begin offering the certificate programs in Fall of 2023.


The Augsburg MBA business certificate programs are targeted to business and non-traditional professionals who have undergraduate degrees and are interested in continuing educational opportunities in data analytics, entrepreneurship, finance or strategic management. Some of our most successful students do not have undergraduate degrees in business!

The certificate programs are an attractive option for people who want to develop their business skills without undertaking a full degree program. A certificate is awarded after completion of four Augsburg MBA courses. The certificate courses are part of the MBA curriculum and would count toward the degree completion for the program.

Students will be attending courses with matriculating MBA students which will enhance the learning experience through classroom discussions, case studies, and simulations. The interactions create opportunities for deep discussions, experiential learning and to critical thinking.

Students who join the program will be eligible to join our innovation speaker series and possibly participate in our entrepreneurial cup program.

The 4 certificate programs and their courses include the following classes:

Business Analytics

  • MBA 570 Quantitative Methods
  • MBA 571 Data Analytics
  • MBA 572 Data Programming
  • MBA 573 Predictive Analytics


  • MBA 550 Marketing Management
  • MBA 595 Strategic Management
  • MBA 583 Entrepreneurship
  • MBA 596 Innovation and Design


  • MBA 520 Accounting for Managers
  • MBA 530 Managerial Finance
  • MBA 532 Investment Theory and Portfolio Management
  • MBA 535 International Finance

Strategic Management

  • MBA 530 Financial Management
  • MBA 540 Business Ethics
  • MBA 550 Marketing Management
  • MBA 595 Strategic Management

ADMISSION PROCESS:¬† You will need to complete an application, and submit your official transcript from your bachelor’s degree, your current resume, and a personal essay. You will be invited for a personal interview if your application is approved by the admissions committee.