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MBA/MAL Dual Degree

The dual degree program gives students the benefits of studying business administration and leadership in a coordinated program. It leverages Augsburg’s long tradition of graduate leadership training via the MA in Leadership with the demand for business education through our successful MBA program. This comprehensive dual degree program provides students with a unique credential and a full set of skills to lead and manage an organization, preparing managers to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

Admission to the Dual Degree Program

Applicants apply to a home program—either MA in Leadership or MBA. Once a student is admitted, they will have an initial advising meeting and are required to meet with an adviser each year. As the students approach degree completion in their home program, they will submit an abbreviated application for their second degree. Admission for both degree programs is handled on a “rolling” basis and requires applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited four-year college or university. Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions are required as well as a current résumé and two recommendations.

MBA Home Program track

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Students take the following sequence of coursework to complete the MBA (42 credits):

Semester 1:

  • MBA 592  Leadership: Ethics, Vision, and Transformation
  • MBA 545 – Organizational Behavior (Focus Area 1)

Semester 2:

  • MBA 560 – Communication Issues for Managers
  • MBA 540 – Business and Professional Ethics

Semester 3:

  • MBA 570 – Quantitative Decision Making for Managers
  • MBA 520 – Accounting for Managers

Semester 4:

  • MBA 530 – Managerial Finance
  • MBA 510 – Applied Managerial Economics

Semester 5:

  • MBA 550 – Marketing Management
  • MBA 595 – Strategic Management (Focus Area 3)
    • Student Learning Experience: Business Simulation

Semester 6:

  • MBA 565  Managing in a Global Environment (Focus Area 2)
  • ML Elective
  • MBA 580 – Management Consulting Project (Student Learning Experience)

Semester 7:

  • ML Elective

Graduate with MBA

Five additional courses are required from the MA in Leadership Program:

  • ML 505 – Foundations of Leadership
  • ML 514 – Research Methods
  • ML 585 – Integrating the Theory and Practice of Responsible Leadership
  • ML Elective
  • ML Elective

Graduate with MA in Leadership

Click here to view the MA in Leadership Home Program Track

Earning the dual degree during or after the MBA or MA in Leadership program

Currently enrolled MBA or MAL students, or alumni who wish to return to Augsburg, may add the additional degree to their existing degree by completing most of the same requirements listed here. Director’s approval is needed for substitutions.

Returning students may complete an abbreviated application form after consultation with the MBA or MAL program director. Upon entering the MBA program, an online quantitative skills course is required. This is used as a platform to enhance skills and knowledge for the MBA quantitative coursework.

Students with an MBA will complete a minimum 3 required and 4 elective MA in Leadership courses. Students with an MA in Leadership who wish to add the dual degree will take a minimum of 7 required MBA courses.