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berlynn bitengo

I really appreciate that this program really is designed for working individuals. I do like that people are primarily MN based because the networking is relevant to local companies, and I have managed to get together a few times with people from my cohort. I see some of the relationships being lasting ones. Additionally, I appreciate the staff selected for courses. They are knowledgeable and so many are teaching at other reputable institutions offering great experience and value to our learning.

shasteana rancher

It was a great program. I feel like I have had tremendous growth in the past couple of years. I recently received a promotion last fall, and the MBA really helped.

emmanuel jean

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible learning opportunity and privilege it has been to participate in the Auggie Cup. The experience has been truly transformative, and I am grateful for the chance to be a part of it.

matthew carik

The MBA program has taught me a lot and set me up to grow in my career.  It quickly showed, as I got a better and new job shortly after graduating!


I’m happy to share that I’ve completed my Master of Business Administration – MBA at Augsburg University!

The past two years I have had some of the most rewarding experiences from this program. From learning more about myself as a leader, to getting to apply what I’ve learned through the Innovation Scholars program, to experiencing businesses abroad on our trips to Ireland, London, and Italy – I can truly say these experiences have shaped me into a more thoughtful, knowledgeable and well-rounded leader. The people I have met and the connections I have made through this program added to the experience in a way that I could not have anticipated, and is a reminder of what a special community Augsburg has created.

I have to give tremendous thanks to my mentor George Dierberger for all of his guidance and support, not only these past two years, but since my very first year of undergrad at Augsburg. Thank you for always pushing me to take the next step and to believe in myself.

For anyone out there considering beginning a program like this – Take the step. It’s easy to tell yourself it’s not the right time, but looking back on this experience now I am so glad I decided to invest in myself.

ronnie netto

I was promoted as manager in Delta and then most recently I took another role within Delta that manages all of IT for our subsidiary partner. It is a very challenging but fulfilling role. My Augsburg MBA really gave me the confidence to take on that role. Thanks for all you have done for me!

Deanna wolf

It is hard to condense what the Augsburg MBA program has done for me in one or two sentences. The data analytics courses gave me the confidence and the skills I needed to take the next leap in my career, while unlocking capabilities I didn’t even know that I had. I am deeply grateful for my cohort and Augsburg faculty for their impact on my career trajectory. There is nowhere else I could have imagined getting my MBA. I feel as though I am leaving this program with a new family and connections to last a lifetime.

Andrew Miller

I wanted to thank you for all of your help with the MBA program.   I learned a ton and use a lot of the concepts in everyday life right now.  All of the professors I had were fantastic and did a good job of combining theory or book content with real life experiences.

Steve Endrud

The Augsburg MBA program has enriched me in my professional journey through a thoughtful journey of self-reflection coupled with fresh insights into current business marketplace.  The program is supported by professors and faculty who bring real world knowledge and insights to the course content, and the design of each course ensured that each hour invested provided value to me as a learner.  The investment in my professional development has paid dividends all along the way and I was able to translate classroom learning to the workplace immediately along the way.  One additional bonus opportunity was the opportunity to participate in the Mayo Innovative Scholars Program in 2022.  This program provided a rich opportunity to engage with a team of bright and engaged undergraduate students who were eager to tackle a challenging real-world situation to bring a product from concept to market launch.  While we faced countless challenges along the way the team was able to bond and tackle each hurdle with grace and finesse.  The highlight of hundreds of hours of work was the final report presentation, a day in which our team was able to showcase their knowledge of the product and the marketplace along with a solid approach to monetizing the product.  It was a great experience which I would highly recommend to others who wish to bring their MBA program learnings into practice, while inspiring undergraduate students to see how it all comes together in a real-world situation.

Antoine Eam

I am very thankful for the opportunities that have opened up for me since continuing my education, first through Augsburg’s undergrad program, and most recently through the MBA program. I strongly believe that the skills and experience that the program has given me have played a large part in my career progression that has landed me at a great company like Stratasys, where I see potential for me to continue to grow my career while making an impact on a much broader scale within the additive manufacturing industry and also the community, right here in Minnesota.

I am returning to Augsburg in January to pursue my certificate in Augsburg’s Business Analytics program. I know that will provide me with skills that are growing in global importance for organizations like Stratasys who are at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Boyi mao

My reasons for choosing Augsburg: 1 Very practical, especially for people with work experience. 2 Four Concentrations to select what you want to explore. 3 Study abroad. Faculty are responsible, timely, and patient. They are supportive with course recordings and regular office hours. The program is improving my comprehensive skills, building my critical thinking, and developing my ability to utilize data to make decisions.  Augsburg is special because of its study abroad, cost-effectiveness, and good location.  Augsburg is friendly to international students. ISSS is sweet. Insurance is great!

Kenzie haight KENZIE HAIGHT

The MBA/ Data Analytics concentration has significantlhelped me with my new roleMy new position sits in the realm of a BI Developer, as it is focused on Tableau dashboard creation/maintenance and SQL. I work on a Global Sales Operations team, analyzing data such as ARR, YoY growth, and global sales.
The program helped with introducing me to Tableau. Dr. Isaacson’s course allowed me to learn the basics and then continue to take courses online on my own through Udemy/LinkedIn for Tableau and SQL, to get to an intermediate level with them. Additionally, the MBA course focused on Excel, pivot tables, vlookups, graphing, and predictions. These played a large part in my development, strength, and speed in Excel. 
As I start the second week in my new role, my leaders are super impressed with the Augsburg MBA program and love that I am learning R (in Dr. Keita’s classes). Taking the Data Analytics courses helped me land this role, and will help me be successful in this position.    


I started the MBA program in Fall 2019. Throughout the MBA program, I have grown personally and professionally. I have immensely gained confidence which has helped me develop and believe in myself. I’m a first-generation student and always thought getting an MBA was just a dream. Luckily, my family, a mentor, and a professor all believed in me more than I ever did in myself, which gave me the courage to apply to the MBA program. Now I have a better understanding of business management, I’ve developed new skills, and I have learned the importance of work politics, all of which helped me get promoted twice at Ameriprise Financial. In April 2020, I was promoted to Trust Operation Specialist, and  recently I accepted a new position as a Sr. Financial Analyst. The MBA program not only gave me the tools to grow in my career successfully, but I have met AMAZING professors who believe in me and want me to succeed. Additionally, the excellent knowledge, support, advice, and real-life work experience/stories from the professors are priceless. You might be thinking you can’t do it, as I thought a few years ago, but trust me — you can and will complete your MBA!



I absolutely attribute my recent promotion to what I have learned in the MBA classes.  During my interview, I was able to use the soft skills learned in the early MBA courses to address generational differences.  This is a component of this role as staff members are mostly over 55 or under 30, with just a few in the middle. I think my approach to the interview questions regarding age sealed the deal. Augsburg prepared me for this discussion. Dr. George Dierberger and Cory Erickson were the two primary instructors for those classes. Thanks!


AL Sweidan

After two years of long nights, awkward work hours, and adapting to environmental changes due to the pandemic, I have officially graduated from Augsburg University with a Master’s in Business Administration. Augsburg handled the pandemic very well and had a smooth transition to an online based learning experience. It wasn’t easy working in front of a computer for 8+ hours and then tuning in to a 4-hour lecture via Zoom, but the professors continued to make the curriculum engaging and meaningful. I am excited to utilize the tools provided to me in my current and future endeavors. Thank you to everyone who supported me and I wish the same success to everyone struggling; hard work will eventually pay off!


aAron grey                                                                 AARON GREY 

Finding the right MBA program is a lot like brunch – the menu is full of options, but only one of them is the freshly made cinnamon roll.

In all seriousness, Augsburg offers some of the biggest competitive advantages I’ve seen in Minneapolis: connection to local businesses and healthcare leadership, skills you can learn and dialogue about in actual classrooms, and unbeatable affordability. This was my second master’s degree – so avoiding debt while also learning heaps of new skills was my end game. Augsburg offered this opportunity in spades.

As a Mayo Innovation Scholar, I was able to build on my experience in health care administration. I learned the ins and outs of finance and operations with peers from all different backgrounds (banking, education, supply chain). The collective wisdom (and the friendships) I found in the classroom are things I’ll take with me everywhere. I am so grateful for this program and the people who make it the exceptional choice that it is – a place to grow your voice and your perspective as a business leader!



Caitlin baldwinCAITLIN BALDWIN

Augsburg’s MBA curriculum focuses on global economics and leadership strategies with an emphasis on developing competence in an international arena. This move away from more traditional MBA curricula in US universities was refreshing and highly valuable. Because of this, I believe Augsburg MBA graduates are in a better position to meet the demands of the future workforce in Minnesota, the US, and in international business.

After being in this program, the people I work with are more willing to do the hard work to reach our strategic goals. Executives seek me out for new initiatives and community-identified problems where health care innovations are needed.


I had debated about going back to school to get an MBA for awhile and when I learned about the program at Augsburg University, I knew it was right for me. Not only would I learn the business world, but the foundations of leadership with an emphasis on personal growth and development as well. This program has been directly applicable to my career as I’ve utilized skills and tactics learned from the classes and applied them to current work projects, programs, and challenges.

I feel like I have personally and professionally grown over the last two years and I am so glad I decided to do the program. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! I would highly recommend this program to any business professional as it will only enhance current skills as well as gain new ones, and help to achieve future career goals.


Augsburg has been a big part of my career journey for the last 7 years.  Before, I was running from entry level to entry level job and first attended Augsburg as a WEC student and earned my Bachelor degree.  This allowed me to gain employment in more professional environments and allowed me to start my growth in an organization.  I am pursuing an MBA because I want to get in leadership positions.  I wanted to build from those base skills and experiences.

The Augsburg MBA has helped me in a number of ways.  I would say that I am an introvert, but I have learned how to hone my craft and become more confident, thus being able to adapt to certain situations.  One area where this has been beneficial is the creation of “Josh the IT guy.”  At Boston Scientific, among my other responsibilities, I make videos on technical topics that are featured across the organization monthly.  Augsburg has given me the confidence to communicate with people across functions, levels, 1:1 or to hundreds of people at a time. I have also learned how to be proactive instead of reactive.  In my career now, I am involved in developing strategy and leading a number of initiatives and projects.  The MBA teaches you to look forward and at the whole picture.


I also feel like I know myself more.  Throughout the MBA program we are asked to look inward and discover our core values.  We are then asked to apply these to business situations.  There are so many ways the Augsburg has shaped me, but I think the most influential part of the program was how it pulled the best qualities of myself forward.  I feel prepared now to take on greater organizational challenges and pursue leadership roles because I am aware and confident in what I can bring to the table. My career journey:


I greatly appreciate and thank all those who have been a part of my Augsburg journey!


Chad Leonard

CHAD LEONARDI’m able to take what I learn into the workplace the very next day and use that knowledge to solve significant business problems.

The ethics-based Augsburg MBA program has been helpful to Chad in his career as a business operations and resource planner for a major medical manufacturer. What he’s learned has helped him in thinking about how morals and ethics guide decision-making. “Sometimes that is more important than the bottom line because my decision has an impact on my friends.”

The professors bring richness to the program because they combine a background in academia with real-world experience. And they get what it means to be an adult learner.

I just clicked with the other students in my cohort. We get along very well. If I were building a dream team staff, I would tap them.

Peter Troolin

PETER TROOLINBefore moving in to financial services, Peter had earned an engineering degree and then worked in the industrial engineering field. His education and experience taught him critical thinking skills how to approach complex problems, but financial services required a new skillset.

“The MBA didn’t cross my mind until I got into the financial world. It has supplied the information I need to be successful in business.” The Augsburg MBA program has given Peter the business perspectives he needed to be successful.

“I think having an MBA will open up doors in my career. I’m looking forward to see where it will take me.”

Tony Wagner

TONY WAGNERGetting an MBA was the logical next step in Tony Wagner’s career path. He shopped around and decided Augsburg was the best value. “Why would I take classes for three years when I can finish in less than two years?” He says the fast-paced schedule is perfect for students who are working full time and still want to have a life outside of grad school.

After working in IT for several years, Tony wanted an MBA to build on his knowledge with more than textbook examples and case studies. At Augsburg, professors draw on what they’ve learned in the business world. “They are distinguished in their fields. They haven’t spent their entire life in academia.”

Having class with the same people week after week has given Tony more than new friendships—he’s found 15 colleagues he can go to for advice or answers. “Engaging the material through discussion allows our cohort to go beyond the textbook. The professors draw us in with their insight, and then we add our own experiences.”

Dell Moore

DELL MOOREDell Moore came to Augsburg to propel her career forward. In 10 years she wants to have her own business, but her short-term goal is to move in to upper level management in her field. “An MBA will help me realize both of these goals.” Dell had gained leadership experience in her career, but she knew an MBA would give her the skills she needed to advance professionally.

She also found networking opportunities and connected with the students in her cohort to learn about their experiences. “It’s helpful to get different career perspectives from other students and to learn how they deal with challenges in the workplace.”

“Networking with students from different organizations and career perspectives is very beneficial. It’s helpful to learn how they deal with challenges in the workplace.”